Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

What are your favorite angel movies?

Aloha everyone,

When I think of movies about angels I always think of John Travolta as Michael. The line I remember best is, “I’m not that kind of angel.” I loved the scene where he fought with the bull and saved the dog’s life.

The next movie that comes to mind is the City of Angels. I loved the scene where the angels all go to the beach to watch the sunset. I also enjoyed Robin Williams in What Dreams Must Come. Richard Dreyfuss in Always touched my heart. I also found Meet Joe Black and Defending Your Life interesting. There is a wonderful list of angel movies on Beliefnet and I would love to hear about your favorite movies too.

With love and aloha,

Yes indeed, there really are angels on your shoulder now and always.

  • betty newberry

    when I think of angels on your shoulder i think of the countless times i had driven drunk when i was a practing alcoholic and the countless times i tried to commit suicide, when i intended to and even when i didnt, no one can tell me i was not being protected, those wonderful creatures protected me and many others because my precious father was not finished with me yet. he knew i was meant for better things, he had plans for me and even though it took 10 years of being a falling down miserable drunk, countless rehabs and mental hospital stays, and even a 18 month state funded vacation in prison, he did not give up on me. today, more than 2 years sober, i can honestly say i am truely blessed. i am living the good life. i have been released from a prison of my own making as well as a man made one. thank you abba, thank you so very very much!!!!!

  • Your Name

    I just had my 63rd birthday on Sunday and I was thinking just now of the many times in all of those years that God has sent his adoring Angels to my rescue. If one would take the time to think of the times in their lives that they were rescued,they would realize the Angels have been right with them through many times.The older we get,we do grow wiser in our beliefs and know that truly Angels are around us or we would not survive many obstacles in our lives!!We are all blessed at one time or another and it makes us more aware!Everyone who reads this comment,do have a Blessed day and a safe 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!May God be with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Salcia

    I don’t think I ever considered What Dreams May Come as an angel movie, but it is one of my favourite movies of all time. (FYI, it’s MAY, not MUST.)

  • Your Name

    I had been sleeping in my bed when something was thrown across the room,it landed next to my bed side cabinet on the floor.i knew it was a coin,but i thought it was maybe a pound coin,as it made a loud noise when it landed.
    Next day i looked it turned out to be a penny,i never thought anything of this and for three days it lay were it landed,i never even bothered to pick it up.
    I was talking to my friend who is a firm believer in Angels etc,and i was telling my friend about the friend said go pick it up,its a message,i ran back to were it lay,then my friend said look at the date,my heart missed a beat,it was the year 1990,the year my daughter had died age 2 days old.
    I put my penny in a safe place,but after a few days it dissapeared,nobody had touched it or moved it anywere,my friend said its in the house,but im still looking for my lucky penny.

  • Susan Gregg

    It may just have been your daughter saying hello and reminding you that she is an angel now, loving and guiding you from a distance. I doubt you will ever find the penny, nor do you need to. The message was sent and received.
    I often find that when an object is a gift from the angels it disappears once it is no longer needed as a messenger. How wonderful that you found the gift!
    With love and aloha,

  • Angel Lima

    City of Angels is a great movie, it gives you peace when you lost someone close, well it almost does. I own the DVD, and just last Valentines I gave my future mother-in-law the movie for her b-day. Then a few weeks later her mother passed away. Only a few months have passed since and she finally watched the movie, she cried so hard and told me that it really helped.
    I hate when you lose someone close, or when someone close loses their special someone, it really sucks.

  • Barbara

    I’ve noticed that when something is “lost,” we are given opportunities during our search. We find something else, or get guidance about something we were attempting to do – as if the journey is divine guidance. Then, the item shows up as well, as if it was meant to be.

  • Susan Gregg

    Aloha Angel and Barbara,
    Angel, I find that anything that helps us remember the divine helps us with someone’s passing. I find it also helps me to remember that they haven’t died, their spirit has merely left their body. The essence of who and what they are lives on.
    Barbara, what a wonderful attitude. Thanks for sharing that!
    With love and aloha,

  • Theresa

    Hi, My neighbor across the street died a few months ago at age 84.She was a wonderful lady and was like a guardian angel to my sweet momma who died 2 yrs ago.She had a lovely, quaint house with beautiful flower gardens, shrubs, and 2 large majestic pine trees that were 200 years old.I loved sitting on my porch watching her lovingly tend her gardens season after season in her wide brimmed hat.Recently her house was sold and the new owners cut down all her gardens, shrubs and the beautiful pine trees.They were healthy and strong and posed no threat to the property.It was so sad.As each limb fell, I felt a piece of my heart being cut down each time.I got my camera and took a picture of the carnage that lay strewn across her yard.After taking the picture my battery went dead.The next day I checked my camera and the battery was fine and the camera working but the picture was gone.This has never happened before and there is no explanation for it.I had checked the picture the day before and it was there.It was almost like she was watching from Heaven and didn’t want me to remember how sad her garden and fallen trees looked, but that she wanted me to remember them how they stood for all those years so majesticaly, what do you think?

  • Pam

    Yes, Theresa, I think she was watching and wanted you to remember how things looked before. I watch property makeovers a lot and enjoy both the outside and inside the house redoes. Invariably, when they do outdoor work, they strip the property of every bit of vegetation and start over. I have no doubt the 200 year old evergreen trees were beautiful and majestic but I have a 20 year old blue spruce in my yard which is at least 20′ tall – I can imagine how huge those trees were and how much sunlight they blocked from reaching inside the house. People are so busy these days and many don’t have time for extensive gardening so they have easy-to-care-for gardens put in. It sounds like this is what your new neighbors did. Don’t hold it against them. They didn’t know any better.
    I had a beautiful olive tree in my back yard when my family and I moved from Chicago. A year later I went through the alley and was shocked and dismayed to find that the new owners had cut it down and had cut my forsythia bushes down to the ground. What heartache, but I got over it. The old saying, “You can’t go home again!” (did Dylan Thomas say that?)is certainly true.
    You obviously have lots of happy memories of this lovely woman and her beautiful garden and trees – keep them in your heart.

  • don

    My favorite line … In the immortal words of John and Paul”All you need is love”
    From the Bible? No The Beatles!
    Loved That movie… Many lessons. But dont forget It’s A Wonderful Life, A true classic

  • Linda Stevens

    Michael is everybodies favorite…but if you like a happier ending, The 1990 Almost an Angel with Paul Hogan… I thought that was an Awesome movie. I also thought the movie Made In Heaven… Awesome* starring a young Timothy Hutton with cameo appearances from Alice Cooper and Tom Petty and some other celebrities…Now those are two good Angel Movies that not every body has seen yet!

  • James

    All of those movies are great movies, but I liked the prophecy movies best.

  • Ruth

    My most favorite Angel movie was Michael with John Travolta. I saw it and loved it. I recently lost my dad and most people cry when they lose a loved one but I did not.

  • Susan Gregg

    Theresa I think that is wonderful that your camera didn’t work! What a gift to have those beautiful memories of your neighbor tending her garden. Change is part of life. I live in an area with beautiful old trees and frequently when someone builds they bring in a bulldozer and clear the whole lot. Different strokes for different folks.
    James, care to post titles of any of your favorite movies. Linda and Ruth I love the movie Micheal too.
    With love and aloha,

  • Stanley Pettiford III

    I love to see depictions of angels in movies and michael is one of my favorites…but my favorite is still the first angel movie I can remeber seeing…It’s a Wonderful Life…who can forget “every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”…RIP Michael Jackson one of our greatest earth angels.

  • Theresa

    Thank you so much PAM and SUSAN for your comments. You have given me much comfort and understanding. I try not to feel anger or bad wishes towards anyone. I think that I am still grieving over my neighbor’s death and ultimately my sweet momma who died 2 yrs ago. I do have vivid memories of her beautiful flower garden and trees and of her in her wide brimmed hat on a crisp sunny day. It also reminds me of how good she was to momma and often brought her fresh flowers from her garden. I now think of both of them in God’s special garden in Heaven which cannot be surpassed in beauty and peace, free from the pain and worries of their earthly life.
    I have to apologize, I am just realizing that this ia a forum for favortite angel movies and I am a real goof for adding this topic under this forum. Thanks for responding to my concern with kindness anyway. AFter some thought I think that my favorite movie of this type is ” Field Of Dreams “. I don’t know if it fits in the same category or not. But, I always sort of thought of the baseball players that came to the field as being spirits from Heaven. I loved how Kevin Costner was able to mend his relationship with his father and reconnect. And, also how he brought James Earl Jones character and the doctor, who’s name I can’t remember, to the field to fullfill their childhood dreams and cross over into Heaven.
    The last 5 yrs of my momma’s life, she was bedridden and I cared for her with the help of some very special earthly angel friends and feel that God had given me this time to reconnect with my momma and maybe make ammends for a time in my life when we didn’t get along very well. So many people never get the chance to right a wrong or say their sorry for something before it’s too late. I was blessed to have been given this second chance. And, though my heart aches for my momma and also my husband who died 6 yrs ago, I will keep their good memories close to me and hope to be with them again. They are definitely in a better place. Thank so much for listening to me and being so supportive and kind. Just when you think you are alone or lonely, there are people out there just like yourself and your readers waiting to lend comforting advice. And of course, never forget that God is always there and our Guardian Angels who I believe are in our lives in many different forms, and the spirits of our loved ones who have passed watching over us. That is what keeps me going day to day. Thank all of you so much.
    God Bless You

  • Susan Gregg

    Stanley, I agree It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful classic. I am glad I get to see it every Christmas.
    Theresa, I am so glad you posted here. I believe there are no accidents and that this was the absolutely perfect place for you to share about the losses of your mom and the neighbor and the gardens.
    My dad died a few months ago and I have such fond memories of our last days together. There were years we didn’t speak but the gift of making him breakfast and taking care of him in his last days wiped that all out. May the angels on your shoulder love you and fill your heart with joy.
    With love and aloha,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment pam

    I was interested in reading peoples different Angel films, I also loved What dreams may come, but it was the book that has made a lasting impression on my life. I read the book when it first came out sometime in the ’70s i was in my early thirtys I t astounded me because it confirmed what I have always know about after death etc. Over the years, (I am now 66) I have read it many times and I love it. I thought the film was good because it was different but it still fitted in and worked, suppose the fact R Matheson did the screenplay explains that.Robin Williams was brilliant. Although I loved Michael and other Angel films, What dreams is the book and film that I have recomended to lots of people and not one has not liked it and said it helped.

  • Miranda Bonham

    I once felt an extremely heavenly energy in my house – not my imagination at all. It moved me to tears. I was actually crying ! It never happened again, but what can possibly be so strong, felt like pure love unless it was an Angel or somehow a visit from God ? I believe in Angels. And a positive afterlife.

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