Angels on Your Shoulder

Wordle: angels  acronymAloha everyone,

As I thought about writing this post, I began thinking about how my life has changed since I began working with angels. I like playing with words, so I decided to try making an acronym from the word “angels,” and this is what I came up with. When I looked at the acronym, I realized it was a list of six of the most important things I have learned by working with angels.

A cceptance
N ow
G iving
E mbracing
L oving
S urrender

Acceptance: When I see from an angelic perspective, I have the ability to accept life as it is and make choices based on love. Instead of resisting life or fighting what is happening, I can make my choices based on what I do want to create in my life.

Now: Working with angels reminds me to stay in the present moment, and it has helped me to realize that by changing my thinking in the moment and making my choices based on love, anything is possible.

Giving: Angels have taught me that it is only by giving freely, with an open heart that I can truly receive.

Embracing: By embracing what is, I can change my actions. I can learn to act rather than reacting to life.

Loving: Above all else angels have taught me about love, a love beyond judgments that is truly expansive and unconditional.

Surrender: When I surrender the will of my small self to the care, love, and direction of my spirit, anything is possible. By working with angels, I have learned to let go of my limited self through the simple act of surrender.

Try playing with these 6 concepts and watch your life transform. As an added bonus here is a Wordle too!

With love and aloha,

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