Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

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Aloha everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am still in healing mode from knee surgery, so I spent a lot of time laying in bed with ice packs on my knee. This morning it was sunny, and I was overwhelmed with a profound sense of gratitude as I watched the sun and the wind play in the palm tree in my backyard. I am so grateful I have a home in Hawaii and palm trees in my yard. Gratitude plays a huge role in my life.

I remember quite clearly when I didn’t have enough money to pay my rent and living in Hawaii was only a dream. Owning a home was certainly not a possibility. Cultivating a sense of gratitude changed my life.

Each night I made a list of things for which I was grateful. I began playing a little game with myself, expanding that list each night. I have an altar next to my bed and on it I have a Mahalo card. Mahalo is the Hawaiian equivalent of gratitude. On it I have a long list of all the things I am grateful for, and when I want to create something in my life, I put it on my Mahalo card and give thanks for already having it.


I had several e-mails asking me for examples of a gratitude list, so I thought I would share a shortened version of my list with you and invite you to add your list in the comments section. I know many people who have gone from hopeless to happy simply by sharing their gratitude list on a daily basis with each other.

So here is a partial list of what I am grateful for:

the gift of life
angels and my spiritual connection
blue skies
my five senses
the earth
my home
my family
my readers
my ability to be grateful
ability to be happy no matter what
presence of love in my life

And, believe me, I could go on for several pages. When I had no money, I was seldom grateful. It was amazing how my abundance increased exponentially with my ability and desire to be grateful.

Care to share your list?

With love and aloha,

  • http://hi iffat

    well, sorry 2 hear about your knee surgery.but good to hear about the spirits u r in. good keep it up!

  • Josephine A. A.

    I always begin my prayer with thankfulness, it’s my way of telling God how grateful I am for His wonderful blessings. My list includes,
    Morning hugs and kisses with my son Joab
    Cereals (I don’t have to cook early in the morning)
    Clear water
    Free ride to office
    Smiling neighbors
    Cup of coffee
    my monthly paycheck
    Fresh hankies
    Soft bed and clean sheets
    Warm glass of milk
    High School Reunion after 25 years
    My family and friends
    Generous people
    Birthday celebration, children playing, laughing
    Blue skies and white clouds
    Email (it helps me connect with all my high school classmates and friends all over the world)
    Susan Gregg and Angels

  • Susan Gregg

    Thanks for sharing your list. I don’t believe I forgot a good cup of coffee on my list!!
    With love and aloha,
    Angels are always on our shoulders smiling and loving everyone!

  • Annabelle

    I am grateful for:
    Waking up
    getting to work safely (I live in South Africa)
    getting home safely
    my dogs being ok
    and of course the
    sky, rain, clouds, sun, moon and stars, being able to hear the birds
    and generally being me in this present body and all my previous lives and the lives to come, I feel so blessed.

  • Susan Gregg

    Thanks Annabelle,
    Keep those lists coming!!!
    With love and aloha,
    Angels on your shoulders just love to help if you just ask!

  • myrna

    Thank you Susan
    I did not look at it that way and you have helped me look at life in a different way, i am going through a hard time but if i put down my list i have so much more to be grateful for and not complain on what i do not have.. here is my list..
    I am grateful for :
    the beautiful day
    the fact i can open my eyes and see
    I can so so many things
    my strength
    my two kids
    my home
    my work
    i can think and talk
    i have the opportunity of visiting the church every morning
    i have time
    i am me and god has blessed me in so many ways
    I love you and thank you

  • Susan Gregg

    Aloha Myrna,
    Gratitude literally changed my whole life. I hope you keep making those lists and allowing the love of the universe to fill your life!
    Thanks for sharing your list.
    With love, aloha and angels,

  • Georgia

    Susan, I have always wanted to be able to move closer to my home in Kentucky. We have lived in California for 26 years, and at times it seems as if I will never get back home! But now you have given me hope that if I acknowledge already having received it and being grateful for it, I may truly be blessed with it! Thank you so much!

  • Anjana

    Thank You Susan,
    Her is my gratitude list which I acknowledge every morning and just before falling asleep, but now I’ll also start writing and adding to it.
    Safe day
    Hearing the birds sing first thing in the morning.
    Thanking Mother earth for energy to stay grounded.
    Thanking father sky for the cosmic energy for being creative.
    thanking the sun energy for light and safety.
    Thanking the water spirits healing and energizing my aching body in the shower every morning.
    The angels all around.
    Thanks again for letting me share.

  • Laura

    I am thankful, as strange as this sounds for being laid off from a job that I had grown miserable in. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be my authentic self and find employment that will be enriching and meaningful!! I am also thankful for the support from my friends, family and new people that I have met since I was laid off. I am grateful for my ability to love, to care, to know what I want and for the angels on my shoulder that I know are guiding me each and every day!! I am especially grateful for Susan Gregg and your daily angel news.
    Bless you….
    Laura Putman

  • myrna

    Thank you Susan,
    I feel so much better and light by listing out my gratitude list and i have some more.
    I am grateful for the present and i feel happy
    I am grateful that i can communicate with my kids
    I am grateful that my husband is still with us
    I am grateful that i can help/advice people with a clear direction
    I am grateful that God has blessed me in so many ways
    I am grateful for the good health
    for peace
    I am grateful for the having no worries
    I am grateful to know that i have money to buy what is needed
    I am grateful for my sisters / brothers / mother
    I am grateful that i had a wonderful dad
    for a comfortable life and all the time to spend with my kids
    I have so much to be grateful for and i really dont know why i was always looking back and complaining what i dont have, i know God has his plans for all of us and its my turn to go through the trials with his love and guidance. I am grateful that i am specail in his love and he is with me.
    Its a wonderful day
    Thank you and God Bless you

  • Susan Gregg

    Thanks for all your posts and all the gratitude you have shared. Keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Native American traditions they talk about the imprint we leave on Mother Earth. With each step we take we leave a bit of our energy behind. You have all just added a whole bunch of gratitude to the world and for that I am truly grateful!
    With love and aloha,

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