Angels on Your Shoulder

Aloha everyone,

My theory about life is, “Life is, and then we tell ourselves a story so make it a good story.” I like the story of pay it forward. There is no doubt many people are losing their homes due to foreclosures. In the depression, neighbors would have rent parties to help one another pay the rent.

The Foreclosure Angel Foundation was born when Marilyn Mock saw a need in November 2008 to help her neighbor who was about to lose her home. With nowhere else to turn but the streets, their home went up on the auction block. Marilyn bought the home at the auction price and sold it right back to the owners at the now lower cost. Marilyn had a keen sense that, “It could be me in that situation.”

There is a ground swell movement called pay it forward growing in the hearts and souls of people all over this planet. I think of it as angels in action. “Pay It Forward” is a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde that has given birth to the idea that you pass the goodness in your life on. This is a video of one woman paying it forward for a woman who had lost her home.

In the book, a young boy named Trevor had the idea of changing the world with the simple act of helping others and then asking them to help three others in return. Imagine a world in which we all acted from our heart and helped one another. We could all be one another’s angels.

When I was incredibly depressed, one of my spiritual mentors told me to reach out and help others, to commit random acts of kindness, and to focus on being grateful for every moment of my life. It was before the book or the movie “Pay it Forward.” Doing those simple acts changed my whole world.

Reach out in love and kindness, help others without expecting anything in return, and see what happens in your life.

With love and aloha,

We all have angels on our shoulders, imagine a world in which we all followed their guidance!

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