Angels on Your Shoulder

Aloha everyone,

I had someone e-mail me the other day and ask me to explain the difference between angels and archangels. I was surprised when I began doing research on angels. In some explanations on angels, there were levels to heaven, archangels, cherubims/cherubs, and all sorts of celestial beings. At first I found it confusing, but then I finally decided all the names were merely part of the job descriptions. At the end of the day, they were all angels helping people feel loved and connected to their divinity.

I’d like to thank my reader for asking the question, and here is the explanation I wrote in the introduction to my book, “The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters.”

Angels and archangels are spiritual beings whose primary function is to act as intermediaries between mortals and God. Angels have fascinated human beings for millennium. The are usually depicted as very graceful and beautiful beings with wings. When someone says, “You’re an angel” they usually mean you are a blessing and have probably been very helpful.

Angels are always willing to be of assistance. They love you and they want you to be happy. They will never interfere in your life unless you ask for their assistance. Angels can’t do anything for you, but they can guide you, make suggestions, and help you avoid potential obstacles. In return they simply ask that you deepen your connection with your spirit and open your heart to the powerful forces of love and gratitude.

Surprisingly the angelic realms are structured and have hierarchies. Depending on the tradition there are many levels and numerous categories. The term archangel comes from a Greek term archangelos which means chief or eminent messenger. They are also known as the ‘Holy Ones.’

When you are working with the angels, take some time to get to know them. Each one has a unique personality, and each one has an area they excel in. Once you get to know them, you will instinctively know who to call on. Allow them to become your friends, and become familiar with all of them. Once you develop the habit of calling on them, you will find it becomes almost second nature to acknowledge their presence and welcome their assistance. They are more than willing to help you, so why not let them?

People often ask me who to call on, how to do it, and which angels are best. Ultimately, what matters most is that you ask for help and you are open to accepting assistance and divine guidance. The love is always there; it never moves like we do.


With love and aloha, Susan

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