Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Silent Sunday

posted by Susan Gregg

Aloha everyone,

Ever since the death of my dad, I have had more questions than answers deep in my soul. When that happens, I know it is time for more prayer and meditation. I thought I would share with you some of the images from my life. I know grief is a process, and even though I may not be thoroughly enjoying it, I embrace it as a wonderful part of my earth journey.

Yesterday, I drove to the end of the road and found a wonderful place to sit and feel the love of ever-present angels.

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Here are some images of clouds that caught my attention. If you look closely, you can even see an angel, or at least i did!

Thumbnail image for sedona 363.jpgAnd these clouds are just beautiful.

sedona 378.jpgHope you had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite links for prayers, affirmations, and angel sightings.

With love and aloha,

And remember you always do have angels on your shoulders, just remember to say hi to them occasionally!


  • C

    Hello Susan,
    Is there a way to ask angels to be with someone who is extremely ill, far away from family, alone and frightened?

  • Susan Gregg

    Aloha CP,
    All you have to do is ask. Ask the angels to surround that person with love. Ask the angels to help that person feel safe and know they are being held gently in the arms of the angels. Because whether we know it or not the angels are always there.
    Pray for your friend and know your prayers are always answered. You can also put your friend’s name on prayer lists. Goggle prayer lists and I am sure you will find many. They actually did a scientific study and found prayer helped people heal whether they believed or not and even if they didn’t know they were being prayed for!
    With love and aloha,

  • CP

    Thank you, Susan.

  • christine

    Dear Susan,
    This is not a comment but a question.I would like to tell you something first. I am having a big issue with a problem that seems so huge to me and I cannot fix it. Only God can open the door for me and noone else. He is the only one that can fix this and offer me the opportunity to succeed in this problem. I was driving to get my boyfriend on THursday. It takes about 45 min. to get to his job. I was driving and all of the sudden angels in the clouds. Not just one but everywhere I looked. I saw 10 total. I believe in angels and I have a jar of feathers I have found in the strangest places feathers of all colors.THis is a big jar full of them. I believe angels touch us very close. I have 2 that watch over me all the time. I am curious to ask I have never seen that many at one time and I want to ask what could this mean. They were on all side of my car and 2 huge ones in front of me you could not mistake for anything else. I have hope in my trouble but does this mean I ma on the right path to accomplish this. Please respond and thank you for your time

  • Susan

    Aloha Christine,
    Since there were angels all around you I would take that as a blessing and as reassurance. Just keep asking for their guidance, listen and follow their directions and miracles will occur.
    With love and aloha,
    Blessed be….

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