Angels on Your Shoulder
June 2009 Archives

Aloha everyone, I just love serendipity, to me it is an indication I am connected and in the grove. Yesterday Sherry, my editor for this blog sent me this wonderful URL where you can make word clouds and I had […]

Aloha everyone, I get so many e-mails from people asking me how to overcome fear. Ultimately, living a life free of fear is so much easier when we trust the process and have faith, but faith in what? As I […]

Aloha everyone, This is one of my favorite stories. It is a reminder of the perfection of everything in life, even what we may perceive as flaws. All of our experiences in life are based on our perspective. On a […]

I have always found clouds magical and love it when there are rays of light coming down out of them. I call this photo “Angels in the Clouds.” Spend a few minutes breathing deeply, looking at the image, and feeling […]

Aloha everyone, I had the good fortune to move to Hawaii almost twenty years ago. As I write these words, my first thought is, “Where does time go?” When I first moved to Hawaii, I was told the world “aloha” […]

Aloha Everyone, I was pondering what to post about when one of my favorite angels came to mind: Bath Kol.  I was thinking of the question, “What do angels look like?,” when she came to mind. She is known as […]