Angels on Your Shoulder
June 2009 Archives

Aloha everyone,   My dad had Alzheimer’s and I had arranged for hospice the day before I left for the mainland. I hurried home after  finishing the retreat in Sedona and was able to spend two days by his side […]

Aloha everyone, This image just really speaks to my soul. Meditate on it for a few minutes and see what it has to say to you. With love and aloha,Susan And remember you really do have Angels on Your Shoulders!

Aloha everyone, Here is a short video to help you remember to open your heart and your mind to the angels that surround us at all times. I hope you enjoy it. Most of the photos were taken by Georgia […]

Aloha, How are you doing today? Have you taken time for yourself? Have you allowed yourself to be loved by the host of celestial beings surrounding you? If you haven’t, why not take a long, slow deep breath right now […]

Aloha everyone, For many of us, Friday is the last day of our work week and the beginning of our weekend. When I used to work at a job just for the money, I spent a good deal of my […]

Aloha everyone, I am in Sedona leading a retreat. What a magical place. I made this wonderful word cloud for you. A few people asked how to make them, so I linked this on to the site, Wordle. I hope […]

Aloha everyone, Frequently when we begin working with angels, we try too hard or doubt our experiences or are afraid we aren’t really connecting. So, often, we just make it harder than it needs to be. A friend sent me […]

Aloha everyone, Angels waiting for an assignment! With love and aloha, Susan And remember you really do have Angels on Your Shoulders!

Aloha Everyone, When I first began working with angels, I thought of them as beings of light that were somehow more powerful, bigger, and smarter than me. I now realize that conceptualization of angels was really just a projection of […]

Aloha Everyone, I used to love the TV show “Touched by an Angel.” When the angels would reveal themselves and talk about god’s love, I would often get teary eyed. Many of my readers have expressed the desire to meet […]