Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Introducing one of my favorite angels

posted by Susan Gregg

Thumbnail image for p063.JPGAloha Everyone,

I was pondering what to post about when one of my favorite angels came to mind: Bath Kol.  I was thinking of the question, “What do angels look like?,” when she came to mind. She is known as the heavenly voice or daughter of voice and she immediately helped me find my voice for this post.

Since I am still at the beginning of this new project, I asked her for help in aligning myself with you, the reader. I want to provide a place for you to come and connect with the expansive love and wisdom angels can provide.

This is the invocation for Bath Kol from my book. It is a wonderful way to connect with her and to open your heart and your mind to the loving support that always surrounds us.

Bath Kol, divine daughter of voice, I ask for your assistance. Please guide me as I move forward in my life. Help me to overcome my judgment and to see life through the eyes of love. Assist me in making choices which will enrich my life and the lives of those around me. I give thanks for your understanding, love and support.

May her love fill your heart and guide your way today and always,

With love and aloha,

And remember you really do have Angels on Your Shoulders!

  • zawfamily

    i like angels. i hate evils.

  • Your Name

    Angels are real.When there are people around you who are willing to
    give you support and assistance to life’s ups and downs,who always
    gives you words of encouragement,words concerning the nature and
    reminding you about the attributes of God,who is God to us,these
    people serve as angel to us,out of nowhere,they were strangers to
    you yet they have a heart only to help you broaden your way of thinking,and ultimately they share love with you,in ordinary or special way depending on God’s grace for you.thank you.

  • teresita fonseca

    i want to know if you have the various prayers to the saints and how to come in contact with the angels is there a prayer for that

  • bszz

    i have recently become interested in angels and what they stand for and also signs and godwinks. i found out being jewish doesnt exclude me from them . keep me posted.

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