Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Fearless Fridays


When fear is the basis of our choices, the quality of our life is vastly diminished, so I have decided to dedicate Fridays to fearless living. If you have questions or a story to share, please let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment in the comments box below.

We all deal with fear in many ways. At one end of the spectrum, we realize that fear is nothing more than:

F alse
E vidence
A ppearing
R eal

I heard that acronym a lot in 12 step meetings. Then I realized that at the other end of the continuum fear causes us to:

F orget
E verything
A nd
R un


What is your habitual way of dealing with fear?

One of the most useful tools I have found when dealing with fear is to pause, take a deep breath, and relax. I am much more likely to remember that I am surrounded by a host of non-physical helpers and, as soon as I ask for assistance, they are there for me.

One of my favorite angels to call upon is Raphael. His name means “God heals,” and he is dedicated to helping you release any belief that causes you to feel separate, alone, or limited. He is a great one to call upon when you are traveling or about to experience any transition including death. He will remind you that you live in a limitless universe and that you are constantly immersed in a sea of unconditional love.

So welcome to Fearless Fridays.

With love and aloha,

And remember you really do have Angels on Your Shoulders!

  • Susan

    My way of coping with fear is to face it head on and listen to my inner voice that is where my spirits tell me what to do. I have had experiences where I see someone and get this overwhelming fear and negative feeling about them. I instinctively know there is something not quite right about this person so I just listen to my inner voice and hear what it tells me to do. It is probably my Angels watching over me to help me avoid the situation.
    Did you ever get a feeling that you shouldn’t drive that day? Take a different road than you normally would take. I have. Hope this helps someone. Sue

  • http://thanks loretta

    Dear Susan, It is so nice to see this article on fear. I am afraid of many things in my life, With youre article I believe I can walk through this. LOL LO

  • Christine

    I have been living in fear for about 2 years ever since the senceless death of my niece Summer. Everyday seemd to be even worse than the last, I thru myself into unhealthy relationships, and reckless behavior. One day I heard a whisper that said stop this your life means more you’ve lost your way! It was then that I realized that I had angels looking out for me that wanted to guide me and that loved me even at my worse. So I believe I have a purpose now and to fear what that might be is no longer an obstycle for me. I live with my heart wide open and love everyone I meet and that makes sence to me!

  • Your Name

    I am not fearful about anything or over something that i have done
    yesterday,today or right now.I check my motives and intentions before i commit myself to any activity or any kind of my transactions.If
    sometimes i screw up,mess up,this is because of my attitude to rushing things.Anything that is done with wrong motive or intention
    will never ever last and guilt is the harvest.A life of doing right
    is the best life there is.

  • Betty

    Hi Susan,
    I have lived in fear all of my life, as a child, my mother married again and I think her way of holding on to him was to let him have his way with my sister and myself, now as an adult I can see things better, life didn’t deal her any better hand than she did for us, but there is a deep seated fear within the men I find or find me, I did get away from home and went into Foster homes, which was a Blessing,, I got an education and own my own successful Business , but I have had bad luck in finding the right man in my life, I always seem to get the attention of free loaders,someone looking to find someone to keep them up and that is not going to be me… I do look for those RED flags and I listen to them ,but I am so lonely, I have been divorced for 20 yrs., but I am Not going to settle for less…sometimes I think those Red flags are my Angels telling me to hold on ,, we are looking for the right time to send Mr. Right into my life,so you will know him when you see him, Praise God !! Thank You for this site Susan, it helps to talk to someone without judgement…..

  • Enya

    Hi Susan,
    I really liked the explanation of the word FEAR. Both ways are so very helpful to understand what is wrong and what is right for us to do.
    I have experienced such FEAR as Forget, Everything,And Run.
    And yet, guided by my inner voice I had over come that feeling and seen success. With this inner voice’s help I could fight out my employer of 10 years, a big name in computer industry. I was tricked to show on paper that I did not follow the proper protocol of Company policy and was asked to accept voluntary resignation. Even the lawyers and all my family members asked me to let go fighting with the Company to clear my name from such false accusation, I fought my case through Unemployment Benefit Department. After 3 crucial jobless months I was asked to retain the same job title, same benefits and same job location to continue working with the same company. This was a real example that if you do believe in yourself and follow the TRUTH
    and fight for your cause GOD is with you.
    Though I am known for my submissive and meek personality I am happy that I could overcome my fear and pass through the hurdle.
    Thanks for the article.

  • Motionjoe

    Love the contents of the your ways to relieve fear cause you can never eliminate completely …………..from your life………..I trully appreciate this article…

  • Your Name

    Hi there,
    I live is South Africa and recently had my gate motor stolen, and it looked like they were watching me as I am 60 and live alone. My fear turned into anger at everyone even my grandchildren and I am finding it difficult to lose the fear and the anger. I talk to God and my angels but now four weeks later I still have a fear when I get into bed at night even although I have Chubb security and bars on my windows. Have you any suggestions.
    Many thanks for your site.

  • jennie

    Fear in any definition is something that is a part of me as my brown hair. I have struggled all my life, and some say I am a strong woman and definitely a survivor but is this all there is? I lost my job over 5yrs ago and since then have temped and had two other perm jobs that lasted a total of 18 months. You can imagine my debt, my anger, fear, my anxiety, and my lack of self worth. I am very spritual but am losing my faith and hope that I will finally get a job. I am older woman which has hurt me in interviewing and while I am open to relocation it still does not help. I ask that the lord hear my pleas to help me find the way to live, find a great job, get out of debt and to find some sort of joy, peace, love and happiness. thank you for this site…

  • Susan Gregg

    I used to have so much fear and kept waiting for my life to get better. Then I began to focus on replacing my fear with faith and love just because that felt better. I stopped worrying about the events in my life, changed my beliefs, internal agreements and assumptions and slowly my life changed.
    Begin to see how wonderful you are. Know you are a gift to yourself and everyone you meet. Have a passionate love affair with yourself and allow the angels to love you and guide you. Know this moment is perfect and filled with love and possibilities and surrender your fears. It is a tall order but doable and once done your life will transform as long as you aren’t waiting for your life to transform. That was the paradox it took me a while to notice!
    I am glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    With love and aloha,
    And remember, you really do have angels on your shoulders, open your heart and your mind to their love and guidance.

  • charityungrateful

    I have been searching for work in Tennessee since last December. I am 46 years old, a single mother of a four-year old and scared to death. I really, really want to believe that God doesn’t put any more than we can handle but this is getting really frightening to me.
    Yes I have tapped resources, state, and all the other avenues I can possibly take. I hate welfare. I hate the system. I’m tired but being a single mom it’s not like I can just give up. I’m “failing forward” as it were. Thanks to anyone out there who can give me some encouraging words, advice, prayers, and/or all of the above. God Bless!

  • dina bernal

    You’re right,we really do have angels on our shoulders.they are always around when we need them,even in the smallest or biggest problem we encounter in our lives. they are everywhere,in the presence of our friends,family,relatives and even strangers.We just have to LOOK and you,i have this fears too. I have so many pains,physically and spiritually,and i’m tired of it.I worry a lot about everything, my kids,finances and my health.I no longer have time for myself. I guess,I have to follow you.Hope you can give some tips on how to really stop worrying and learn to live life without much fear. God Bless

  • Lynda Bechtold

    I live with fear that is endless, it swirls around me like a fog. I am disabled and live on a very limited income and it seems that every day there is another bill that comes in that adds to the stack that needs to be paid. I fear people, I fear life, I fear fear. I am bi-polar and ADHD and PTSD and worry that my condition will deteriorate and that I will not be able to care for myself. I live alone and am a widow and there is constant anxiety about my life. I believe in God and pray many times daily for relief from my fears and get some relief from them but still feel that just one more stress will be the one that will break the link that holds me anchored to sanity I have. I do hope that angels are around me and that they are there to care for me. I ask that your readers pray for me because I do believe that God answers prayers and that things do work out for those that love the Lord and that angels exist.

  • Sandy

    I pray that God and the angles will hear and help all of you that have placed posts! I could be fearfull to, but I refuse to be. So many things happen in all our lives, but we have to call on our Lord to see us through. Never ever give up, God will always make a way.

  • Patti

    I believe in angels very deeply. My house is loaded with them. I have met angels I have seen angels, can’t explain it but it happens. Keep your beliefs strong and ask your angel for help, talk to them they do listen

  • Your Name

    God never intended us to pray to angels, Mary or any saint. As Jesus said, ” No one comes to the Father but by Me”. The spirit world is very real. In the unseen spirit world the angels are fighting off demons( fallen angels) who are against us. Go to the top. Pray to God in the strong Name of Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins, ask God to forgive you of your sins. Thank God for sending his Son Jesus to earth to die in our place, paying for our sins. Thank God for GRACE..God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense. Thank God for eternal life because of this great sacrifice. Ask God to send you His Holy Spirit. Live for Him. Read His Word which is the Gospel, the Good News.

  • Kat

    Something to think about!!!!!!!! Love Kat

  • http://ange1s23 Your Name

    I totally agree with the person who did not put their name on there message about praying to the Lord. The Bible tells us that there are angels so why would we not believe in them, the problem I see here is that we don’t pray to the angels we pray that the Lord will send “the Warior Angel” or what it is we need and the Lord will answer our prayer. An example of this was recently my sister and her husband were going through a very terrible problem with there business and my other sister got down on her knees and prayed for the Lord to send his Warior Angel to fignt the fight against the devil and after about two days she said she had an absolute piece of mind and so did my sister that she was praying for so thank God that we do have Angels to help us. Hasn’t everyone “almost” been in a car accident but just barely escaped it? Well when you are in the midst of the storm we forget that God is there to help even with his Angels we just have to hold on and have Faith!! Thanks

  • Susan

    I have panic disorder and PTSD issues. I can relate to the fear in people. When I feel fear take over I just keep saying to my self “I’m going to be all right, it’s not real”! It’s a cross to bear and ‘m willing to do it for the Lord – it’s just sometimes I fell I’m suppose to be stronger than I feel, ya know?!


    Angels are Biblically based so there’s no need to be cynical about summoning them when you need help expeditiously. But for a guardian angel that truly does his work, I may not have been here today to corroborate the existence of Angels. Ofcourse God above reigns supreme but I would like to believe that Angels are God’s emissaries and that they are there when I need them.

  • josé

    It”s true, have no fear, our angels, rest on our shoulders.

  • Raul Garza

    only God is everywhere and knows everything at once. the Bible expressly tells us we are not to worship Angels so if we prayed TO THEM TO HELP US OR ANYTHING ELSE IT would be praise. I agree that we could ask God to send a specific type Angel to help us and HE would send the appropriate one if HE wanted. Also if we sin we sin in front of Angels and that the word says is wrong for us to sin because Angels who are God’s creation also would witness our acts of rebellion would be affected from our disregard of our merciful God and in turn put us in the wrong sight of His Angels, basd enough God knows everything we do as well as our intentions. I was alerted to the exsistence of angels protecting us while in the act of sin. God will be merciful to whomever he wants even while we sin. He wants us to mature (perfected) away from sin and evil thoughts.

  • Angela LaPat

    Just recently I had an ultrasound. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and at the time, was on my 18th week of pregnancy. During a routine exam they discovered my daughter had no tibia bones in either leg. As I studied what the doctors called Caudal regression I realized my daughter may never walk, have incontinence and possibly I could miscarry her altogether. I have never experienced fear like this before. I know that my God is an awesome God, and fear is the substance of unwillingness and lack of faith. I realized that this was in God’s hands and she would be brought into the world for his purpose. Today I live my life with the Faith that no matter what happens God will enable me to handle it, because he never gives us more than we can handle. Have a little Faith: my quote for the day.

  • Your Name

    Dear Angela LaPat, I am praying to know that God made your baby perfect in every way. Medical diagnoses can be reversed. (This occurred when I was pregnant with my son.) To paraphrase the prayer of Julian of Norwich, “All IS well, all IS well, all manner of things IS well” in God’s sight. May God bless you and your baby. Both of you are precious to God. Love, Bird

  • Sheila

    As I have recently been diagnosed with cancer, have begun chemo and do not yet know if this has spread. I am counting on my faith. It certainly has come thru for me!! When I begin to feel myself falling down into my fear I imagine my angel spreading his wings, folding them around me and filling me with love and energy. When I reflect on all those near misses in my life – “almost” accidents, a car accident that could have been tragic, a twin pregnancy that got a bit scary at the end – the realization there was always protection there giving me much hope. Call on your angels to take you to a wonderful place in life. I pray that no matter what, I can be like one of our blessed guides. My newest goal is to be an example of faith and trust to everyone I know and am yet to meet. Be not afraid – you are protected!

  • Sharon

    It has been coined (by whom, I can’t recall) that “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself”. That is an accurate assesstment of where I am in my quest for undying courage. I am more afraid of being afraid then I am of anything else. I guess perhaps, that is the core-factor of fear.

  • pam

    Ive enjoyed your colume and all the comments also. I will start reaching out for my angels for help. And also say a special prayer for each one of you. God Bless, Pam

  • marian

    When I was pregnant with my son Sean, I was told that he would be a down syndrome child. The doctor actually asked if I wanted to have an abortion. We had decided, before I got pregnant that there would continue on with the pregnancy no matter what diagnosis we received (I was 36 at the time.). Needless to say, my son is now 12 going on 13, and couldn’t be a healthier human being.
    Also, we had so wanted another child after Sean was born. We had hoped “right away”.. remember, God laughs when we make plans :o). At the age of 43, I finally got pregnant again. We never thought it would happen,and my doctor also said it would not happen unless I carried another woman’s egg. Also, when I call the doctor’s office to let them know I had taken a pregnancy test and it was positive, the first thing they asked me, because of my age..was, did I want to keep it!!???. I said absolutely! We have a 4 year old named Brennan, who had brought much love and laughter into this home. Yes,I am old enough to be his grandmother..but I have more patience today and more time to spend with him than I did when I was younger.
    Our home is blessed…and the doctor’s and tests were wrong. God is so good!

  • Your Name

    My nme is Patricia,I have been thrugh so much in my life.If you heard the whole story you would think how could that be in one persons life.I think that myself,but then I pray,Prayers for my Son Matthew,prayers for my friends and family membbers that always helps.I always try to remember Romans 8:28. I can’t quote it but it means something good comes from something bad.My husband and I are proof of that.I was losing him till I was gang raped by one of his co-workers and 3 teens.That was 30 yrs ago and our life together is stronger than ever.But still the obstacles come it seems like we can’t find a day of peace.But my Faith and church Family supports us in our crazy life that feels like we are in the twighlight world where we don’t belong.But thats what Satan wants us to think.I know God has rhe plan for us and our Boys and you can’t question what Gods plans are.Because I know suffering only makes me stronger in my Faith.
    Thank God For his Son and the Angels on my shoulders to keep me going one day at a time.

  • Melvin Martin JR.

    Hi,I am a God fearing Christian that was raised a pastor’s kid,God called my father home at 36 years old,I was only 16yrs old then,my life took a turn for the worst when dad died,I ended-up serving years in prison and to make a long story short,God took me through some rough times so I could see him for who he is,since he has blessed my life tremendously and filled me with his holy spirit but I’ve got a couple of fleshly desires that seem to keep me from getting as close to God as I need to,I have a fear that I may fall short in the ministry and not do everything I’m suppose to do and the reason why I’m having a hard time accepting my calling to preach god’s word is because I know what preacher’s go through but I can’t run from my call so please pray that God will free me of my fleshly desires that I can do his will !!

  • Raul Garza

    IF FEAR IS THE BASIS OF OUR LIVES THEN WE MUST QUESTION OUR FAITH IN GOD TO COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT WE ARE FAR FROM hIM. PERFECT lOVE (god) CASTS OUT FEAR. OF COURSE WE ALL FACE FEAR BUT IT MUST BE CAST OUT KNOWING THAt whatever happens to us , as children of God, will be turned around for our good and not harm.we must not even worry. i have heard that Faith should be dangerous as we must step out into the unknown believing that God will never fail us no matter what happens.

  • Your Name

    Just this past Friday, on June 12,2009, my son lives in Memphis,
    Tennessee, and there was a tornado there. And my son called me to
    say he was afraid, I told him to pray continually, and the tornado
    would not harm him because GOD is in control. I had never heard
    my son so fearful in a storm because coming from east Tn. he has
    never heard the storm sounds differently from Memphis, Tn. as
    he stated. My son always tell me not to fear to keep my mine focused
    on GOD but at that moment he did not tell himself this. I love my
    son and he say he love me but yet his actions of not really showing
    me how he love me is not here. I pray that GOD will show him that
    I need him to show me and ask me a simple What have you eaten today?
    Just as I ask him what has he eaten today? I know GOD will one day
    show him the real truth.

  • Your Name

    I believe that if you stop and collet the moment you will see that fear has to be in our life in order to grow.I believe that is a second to remember God exist in our lives.Also there are moments that the angels touch you to look around and protect your self.Thats the minute to call for action if is necessary.

  • Me


  • Alaina

    I face fear head on unless my OCD or bi-polar symptoms are flaring up.

  • Ramona Harrow

    I have struggled with Fear, transforming itself into panic attacks, anger and resentment, insecurity, inferiority, low-self-esteem and most all depression.
    I have to remind myself daily, that God’s perfect love does cast out fear, and I (we) must not just read the word of God but BELIEVE what it says.
    We tend to forget all the times that God has kept us and seen us through some very difficult times in our lives, I recently thought that it would be a good idea for me to keep a TESTIMONY journal, which is not the same as journaling.
    He has truly worked All things together for the good in my life, and is still working His great plan in my life. What do I do? I practice Trusting Him again, because sometimes my faith gets weak and I need a bigger dose of it.
    I tell myself that He loves me just as much as He loves Jesus. I also practice seeing myself as God sees me, and that is created in His image, fearfully and wonderfully made, always on His mind. And I am a child of the MOST HIGH GOD. What is better than that? So today, when worry, and Fear knocks at the door, I can choose not to open it.

  • Your Name

    I have found the Metamoprphic Technique really helps with going with the flow and not letting Fear keep you from developing your own potential. WE all have our own potential but we often put obsticales in the way, fear being one of them. Sometimes it is not even our own fear but something we have go used to because it is often felt or said by a relative or friend.
    One person said ” Metamorphic Technique is like someone clears the path so that you can see.You can flow with what you would like to do with out FEAR!”

  • Matthew John Keller

    Fear is Faith turned Sideways
    At least that is what I heard in a twelve step meeting!

  • laurie

    please help me…I feel so in love with someone who i met 2 mos ago after 20 years since we dated. My daughter mistook his kindness as something creepy. I feel like he is my forever man. How do I help her get beyond this?

  • jaiki marshall

    i am ususally a fearless person, but when faced with life and death situations, i am bound by fear” i believe in the miracle of ANGELS, WHO R DISPATCHED TO HELP US IN TIMES OF NEED. GBU JAKI MARSHALL/A SERVANT OF GOD…I NEED ‘THE ANGEL RAPHAEL” TO DELIVER HEALING IN “JESUS’S NAME TO ME, IN MY BODY.

  • Your Name

    i have had a life fillled with so much tradgedy that I find myself wondering if a Kind loving God can exist. I have lost my father, my brothers, my hunsband two of my three children and have suffered betrayal of friends that I dont have anyone anymore. How can I be positive, how can I believe in anything good in the world. Count my blessings. I have the disease Lupus, and have a lot of pain. I dont want to be a moaner and try not to be but I dont understand how I can lead a good existance. I have been mentally abused and people only come to my house when I can do something for them free of charge. Is this what I bring upn myself.

  • diane

    I am very fond of angels. How do I start up an angel ministry @ my church?

  • Steve

    I have had some rough times in my life but always come back; until now. I lost a wife in May 1992 in a motorcycle accident where I spent 7 weeks in a coma and am totally disabled because of it. I got my life back in 1999 when I met my last wife. I was happier than I had ever been in my entire life, we were married on Jule 31, 2002 and I list her to cancer on January 17 2009. My life as I knew it ended at that moment and I am having a real hard time recovering from it. The 9 years we were together showed me that god was still there for me but loosing my wife made me wonder, I talk to her a lot and to God at night but I am still lost I know in my heart that she is with me but I still feel miserable.

  • Your Name

    “Live in love, not in fear” is a beautiful message I received through my angel of guidance while meditating. Many of us tend to pray when we find ourselves in a fearful state of mind. Prayer is talking to God. Merditation is where we listen to God.

  • Lauren

    -I’, 25 years old and suffered a stroke on – @ the age of 24! My left arm isn’t being “nice” as I say! I’m so worried it won’t come back for me to use! In the prime of my lfe I feel I have been struck down! I am so terrified and afraid!
    Prayers please,

  • Chris

    I find proof Angels are with us 24/7. My dad and I went to get fire-wood one day. It was cold and rain started comming down. We started to head home on a dirt (now mud) road. We slid into a ditch and got stuck. We started to walk home and as soon as we got to the main road a van going the opposit way stoped and gave us a ride home. He didn’t want anything in return. Another time our car broke down and out of no whare people came to help push us safely into a parking lot. Two men even tryed to fix the car. Agan, one even gave us a ride home. I’m shure they were angils

  • Laura

    I can remember when I was 13 riding in the car with my Mom and sister and my stepfather was driving drunk. We were on a dark backroad with no houses in sight when Earl said”Yep,Henry Ford can’t drive em like I can!”And with that he suddenly drove straight into a ditch and we were stuck!!Since none of us were hurt we realized what had happened and all started laughing so hard and told Earl”yeah, that’s right Henry Ford sure can’t drive like you!” Then we wondered how we would get out of the ditch? Out of nowhere two muscle bound men came up to the car and said not to worry,they would help. We all four sat in the car as these two amazing men stepped down into the ditch and lifted the big old Ford with their bare hands and turned the car back onto the road! Then we all got out to thank the men and they were NOWHERE in sight!!!We were all in shock and marvelled at it the whole way home!We knew something very supenatural had just happened and it was Angels from God!

  • Susan Gregg

    Thanks for sharing that story Laura. There are so many wonderful miracles that happen in our lives. We can focus on the magic or ignore it. Life sure is a lot better when we focus on the love.
    With love and aloha,
    There really area angels all around us, we just have to be willing to see them!

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment peggy hopgood

    Ny husband is dying with Alzheimer’s disease and I have been so fearful of my future. This e-mail reminded me that my fear and apprehension is not validated.

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