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We are always surrounded by angels. We swim in a sea of unlimited, unconditional love totally filled with celestial beings of light that are more than willing and able to help us. The only catch is we have to ask and then be willing to accept the assistance.

Here are 7 easy things you can do to open up those floodgates of love, light, and laughter, and experience the wonders of divine intervention in your life.

1. Spend some time each day in prayer.

Prayer is simply the act of asking.  It is a conversation with God, the universe, a higher power, Mother Earth, or a specific angel, saint or deity. Whoever or whatever you choose to pray to, think of prayer as a conversation with a supportive friend. You don’t have to beg for help. It is more a matter of just opening your mind and your heart. State your problem and ask for guidance and assistance.

2. Take time to meditate.

Prayer is talking while meditating is listening. There are literally hundreds of ways to meditate, and we tend to make it much harder than it really is. Meditating can be as simple as sitting quietly and focusing attention on your breath. If you want to work with a specific angel, get quiet, go within, imagine the angel standing before you, and then open your mind and your heart to its love and guidance.

3. Light a candle or burn some incense.

Most angels have a specific color or scent associated with them. For instance, if you want to work with the Archangel Chamuel, you could light a pink candle. You could also sprinkle some rose water around the room. (Chamuel is wonderful to call upon when you want to create inner peace, improve your relationships, forgive yourself or others, find true love, accept and love yourself, or find a wonderful career.)

4. Create an altar or sacred space in your home.

Our minds are very easily trained. If you meditate in the same spot everyday eventually, when you sit in that place, your mind will think, “It’s time to meditate,” and you will immediately go into an altered state. So create an altar in the corner of your room or on top of your dresser. Designate a place in your home as your sacred space. You can use a special piece of fabric, put it in a chair, and then sit on the cloth to pray and meditate. I like having an altar with icons and objects that i find meaningful.

Spend some time each day in your sacred space and call upon the angels. Take a deep breath before you enter that space and imagine meeting your divine helpers as you enter that space.

5. Write a letter.

I find writing letters a wonderful way to connect with divine guidance. Years ago, I used to write letters to God and mail them. Then, I found out the post office actually has someone who reads letters with an incomplete address to find out if there is any way to locate either party.

You can address the letter to a specific angel, to God, or any other celestial being you think will be of help. You can write about the problem or just ask for help. I find writing is a wonderful way to release my fears and resistance and to garner insights.

You can mail the letter or light a candle and burn the letter or place it on your altar. Also, make sure you write a thank you note when your request is granted. I find writing a list of all the things I am grateful for and reading it before I go to bed a wonderful way to end the day.

6. Go out in nature.

Go to your favorite place in nature. If you don’t have one, take the time to find one. Go to the beach, find a quiet path in the forest, or locate a beautiful garden in the middle of the city. I have found wonderful natural settings no matter where I am, even in the middle of Cairo.

Allow the beauty of nature to fill your heart and your mind. Take some time to breathe in the smells and feel the energy of your surroundings. If you are working with a specific angel, call out the name. You can ask for a sign that the angel is there. When I do that, I often feel the wind or hear a bird.

When I began my spiritual journey, one of my mentors highly recommended that I find a place in nature I could connect with my spirit and the divine. I am eternally grateful I took the time to do that.  I am sure you will be too.

7. Create an angel card.

Collect pictures, images, bows, lace, flowers, colored paper, and anything else that speaks to you. Get some glue and colored pens and make an angel card. You could use an image of a specific angel you find in a book or make your own. You can write a letter on the back of the image you create or use the card as a focal point on your altar.

There are also many wonderful angel decks out there. You could also make a series of angel cards for different attributes you would like to have in your life like abundance, patience, laughter, joy, gratitude, or courage, just to mention a few.

Spiritual practices do take practice. As children, we all saw angels but then we forget. Beginning to work with the angels is a process, and the more we practice, the easier it will be. If we tell ourselves we can’t do it, we won’t be able to, but if we remind ourselves it is second nature and easy, it will be a whole lot easier. Just ask the angels to help you and they will!

With love and aloha,

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