Angels on Your Shoulder

As a little girl I remember looking up at the night star and making a wish. I also remember how terrified I felt when I learned the universe was infinite. The idea of of endless star fields with no boundaries filled my little heart with fear. But then there were angels. The thought of being enfolded in the wings of an angel helped me feel safe and loved.
When I work with people I often suggest they ask themselves the question: How can I see this event through the eyes of love? It is a wonderful way to release our limitations and experience ease in the midst of change. As I engage more fully with angels I have come to realize that asking for the ability to see life though the eyes of the angels is very empowering and uplifting.
My concept of angels has changed a lot over the years. This past Sunday I spoke at a new age church. When they asked me for a topic, Calling all Angels came to mind. I reread the Easter stories in the bible and found the roles the angels played rather interesting. Throughout the new testament the angels are never named and they always play the role of a messenger. They might be bright and shiny but they deliver a simple message and then leave. They point the way toward love and show us a more expansive way of seeing events in our lives.
We do have free will, angels and celestial beings will never interfere in our lives and they are always more than willing to help out, if we ask. So, what do angels have to do with wishing on a star? I like to remember that we are all made of stardust. Angels have a grander perspective than we humans do. So next time you look up at the stars perhaps make a wish and know the angels will answer.
With love and aloha,

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