Angels on Your Shoulder

I used to love the TV show Touched by an Angel. When the angels would reveal themselves and talk about god’s love I would often get teary eyed. Many of my readers have expressed the desire to meet an angel in person. I used to feel that way too until I expanded my thoughts about angels.

In the show Tess and Monica looked ‘normal’ until the scene where they revealed themselves and the light show began. When I look back over my life I have to admit that there have been many angels in my life. They just never made the big announcement with light affects!

There have been so many times people have come along just when I needed help. Some were friends and family and some were total strangers. When I first moved to Hawaii money was scarce, I didn’t know many people and I was worried. I took my dog for a walk and an elder oriental woman smiled broadly at me and pointed at a rainbow. Her simple act of kindness made my day and changed my life.

One way to be assured we are surrounded by angles is to be one yourself. I simple smile and sincere, “How are you?” when you are giving the cashier your money goes a long way. Driving ‘aloha’ is another way to show love and kindness. In Hawaii we talk about living aloha which means thinking of others and living lovingly. You can slow and allow drivers in and send love to the person that just cut you off.

The more loving we are the more loved we feel. Be someone else’s angel and see how many angels you meet along the way. By being an angel you can certainly be assured of being touched my one. My favorite Gandhi quote is, “Be the change you wish to see.” So be the angel you wish to meet and see what happens in your life.

With love and aloha,

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