Angels on Your Shoulder

One of the things I love about angels is the feeling of love that they bring. Even if people are very cynical they are often willing to allow for the possibility that the parking angel exists and are willing to ask her for help.

Fear is so pervasive these days in society. It is hard to watch the evening news and not feel concern for the world’s future. When I work with people one of the first things I suggest is people change the questions they ask themselves. So instead of asking why perhaps ask: What would love do? or How can I see this through the eyes of love?

To that end I am giving a free webinar Monday night about fear and moving beyond it. It is free so I hope you can join me.

Using Fear to Create Personal Freedom

Do thoughts about the contracting economy, the state of the world,
terrorists and all those wonderful stories on the evening news make
you feel uncomfortable? Do you avoid watching the news so you can
stay positive? What if you could use current events as a powerful
opportunity to create what you do want in your life? What if you
knew how to use your fear rather than feel the need to avoid it?

On Monday, February 23, I’ll be doing a webinar training where I’ll
go into greater depth about Fear and teach you how we can use fear
to actually improve our lives rather than allowing it to rule and control us.

*This is a free class, but virtual seats are limited so make sure you show up early . . .*

EVENT: Using Fear to Create Personal Freedom
DATE & TIME: Monday, February 23rd at 9:30pm Eastern
FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone on the Web -it’s your choice)

With lots of love and aloha,

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