Angels on Your Shoulder

Angels on Your Shoulder

Even pigeons are teachers

posted by Susan Gregg

nida 107 As a young girl my mother told me pigeons were dirty birds, nasty rats with wings. I believed her.  The other morning I was feeding the swans and a pigeon landed on my hand. I felt its energy and gentle touch before I saw what it was. My heart opened and in an instant I saw pigeons in an entirely different manner.

I mentioned the experience to my translator and she agreed. Her mother also had judgments about pigeons yet, she pointed out that they are also used as symbols of peace. So, a pigeon showed me my limiting thinking and I had the opportunity to open my heart up and love another being I formerly judged.

I realized I could think of even pigeons as angels in physical form. What angles are in your life that you still have judgments about?

With love and aloha from Nida,

  • Patricia

    These are wonderful, enlightening impressions. It inspires me to open my eyes. Thanx
    Patricias last blog post..It seems so simple.

  • Tracy Crowe

    I am quite sure there are angels all around me that I still have judgments about. We judge others all the time, largely based on things we have heard people say when we were too young to question them. We judge others based on how jealous we are of them, looking for some small way that we can call ourselves better than they are. We judge others based on labels we have invented to categorize people so we wouldn’t have to look further into individual differences. I really beleive it is better to just see things as they are in the moment without labeling or judging them. Who knows, any thing could be your angel in disguise.

  • Petra Voegtle

    Hi Susan,
    if you read this blog “Pigeon Tales” under: you will even more understand why I consider pigeons to be some of the lovliest birds on this planet.
    Greetings, Petra

  • susan

    It is amazing how in life we can expand our capacity to love and get messages even from the birds!
    Everything is made up of the energy of creation – so it is all angels in disguise.
    Thanks Patricia, Tracy and Petra for taking time to comment!

  • Charis Plamer

    Susan…Your comments about Pigeons, touched my heart. They are amazing creatures. I think you will enjoy this site.
    Charis Palmer,
    Portland, Oregon

  • Susan Gregg

    Thanks for the web site. All creatures are amazing and it always amazes me when I learn to see something differently. Pigeons are amazing.
    With love and aloha,

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment spiritflys

    So glad to see you have your eyes opened as to thw wonder and friendship that any pigeon will give to a human, given half a chance. I have two disabled pigeons who are as affectionate as any puppy, get jealous for my attentions, and love to be cuddled and talked to. I cannot imagine a life without a close friendship with a pigeon. There is no creature more innocent and loving. I LOVE PIGEONS.

  • Gaga

    This is such nice story. In spite of prejudices your heart is open to give and receive.

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