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An Angel Meditation is an awesome way to begin and end your day. They are here to offer you guidance and understanding to assist your journey. The journey does not need to be difficult and angelic assistance is always there, […]

The Magic Angels want to help you see life in a magical way. Let the magic of the angels light up your Soul. The angels are here to bring magic and light to the world. Allow for your angels to […]

Just ask your Angels. It is truly that simple. Oftentimes we get in the way of the answering, but if you want to ask your angels for help, simply, just ASK! I think I get asked this question the most, […]

Raise your frequency to helps you to stay focused, grounded, and better serve your life and each other. With all the stressors around us in our everyday world, is it no wonder we are feeling things deeply. This is felt […]

Archangel Michael is the archangel of strength, courage, and protection. He is the prince of all the Archangels and the one to call upon when you need an extra boost of strength, and protection during challenging times. Michael’s name means […]

Gratitude opens the heart. The energy of gratitude makes room for more in your life. When you create space for more, you are then in a state of allowing. When you are in a state of allowing, miracles happen. Gratitude is […]

How exactly is the best way to invite the Archangels into your Life? There is no set way to connect with these most beautiful benevolent beings of Love except to actually try. The angels are with you and hear your […]

Be the reason someone else smiles today! You have the power and ability to make a difference in the world through your action and your words. Imagine how much more amazing each day would be if you began it with […]

Finding solutions in unlikely places is the magic of the changes when embraced.  Sometimes you find your balance by learning to be upside down in life for awhile. To find your way ahead when you cannot see at all which […]

What is this great awakening and what does it mean to you? We have been going through huge opportunities for shifts in our thoughts and feelings on a global and personal scale and many of you have been feeling a […]