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One of my favourite things about working with the angels, is the comfort they can bring to those going through a death. Working with Transition Teams is something the angels have always encouraged me do. As a healer and a […]

I love to start my day with a walking meditation. Today with all the flowers blooming, it was a glorious assault to my senses as I consciously walked by rose bushes, trees and wildflowers awake and alive to the sound […]

Ending your day in an Angelic Way is not only a great way to let go of your day and fall asleep, it is a fantastic tool of transformation.   Creating a night time routine as part of your spirit […]

At some point we all begin to look at ourselves and ask if there is something more than just our physical/material world and thus the quest for a more spiritual life begins! Everything in life is spiritual. It is usually a […]

Sending Angels ahead of you is a great way to start your day! These wonderful beings of light are always available and want to help you, you just need to ask. So, why not see what happens when you send […]

Your Angels are always with you. Now is the perfect moment to spend a little time getting to know your angels. When you make a consious choice to work with your angels, you will find things begin to change. You […]

Stop looking outside of yourselves for the answers that you seek. Stop seeking the approval of others and begin to formulate your own plan, your own code, your own credence and then go from there. So much time is wasted […]

We all encounter space invaders and they teach us about setting Healthy Boundaries for ourselves and others. Hopefully you are surrounded by people who respect and listen to you, but that isn’t always the case when we are pretending to be […]

I was recently asked in a private session about the importance of ending prayers or masterminds with “For the Good of All.” I thought the angels gave her such a wonderful answer that I would share it with you here. […]

For many of us being Vulnerable is a challenge. We are such feeling people that putting ourselves in position of Vulnerability just seems too risky. Being Vulnerable opens you up to a wonderful stream of energy that makes life worth living. […]