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HAPPINESS JARS! What a grand idea. Create a jar or a box to write down your happiest moments. This will help you see and remember the happiest moments of each day. It will also help you program you to become […]

When you master the power of thoughts, life begins to change in dramatic ways. The key is in understanding your feelings. The fastest way to get you there is to lighten up, chill out, and have some fun. The reason you […]

We are in a new reality and a new kind of spirituality is at hand, and the Archangel to work with during this rebirth is Archangel Zadkiel. Are you willing to let go and shed all this in-authenticity and be […]

I am often asked about Karma and how past lives play a part in healing this present life. Most of you reading this are old souls. You have come back at this auspicious time in our evolution to help to […]

It’s been a bit of a wild ride and tuning into your Angelic Protection can help you safely navigate the earth plane as we go through the shifts. Archangel Michael is the Archangel who is best suited to help you […]

Being a human angel is one of the best ways to start becoming a force for change and creating better days. When you set out each day to do something good in the world, it is amazing how fast the world […]

If you have been wanting to attract a healthy, loving relationship into your life, then Archangel Chamuel is the one to call upon for help and guidance. He works on the pink ray of divine love and his gentleness is […]

This is a time of expanding Awareness and the best Archangel to call upon for help you is Archangel Uriel. He can help you to live in the moment. Become more conscious of your thoughts and feelings with this archangel guiding […]

Life’s cycles teach us that things never remain the same for long and Archangel Haniel is the perfect archangel to work with during those cycles. Everything has its perfect time, its right moment and divine timing is sometimes difficult for us […]

Have you ever walked a Labyrinth? A Labyrinth is a one path in, one path out,  unicursal path.  The only decision needed is when to enter.  Once that first step is taken, the path takes you to the centre and back […]