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Our sun has just past the marker and we have now entered the Yin of the year and it is the perfect time to do a review.  Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plans for the next […]

Recently during a private session an interesting question came up regarding contracts and Karmic Relationships.  I was asked how to approach them and clear Karmic Relationships. Also she asked how she can move on, how does the clearing take place and what are […]

Your angels are surrounding you with support so that you can discover your own brilliance.  It is time to let your light shine in any area of your life that needs to be recharged, released, or rejuvenated. It will help […]

Balance is an important part of life. When your life is balanced between what you want and need to do and what you do for others, you live a more balanced and harmonized life and isn’t that truly what many […]

Replaying the past  can hold you in a state of sadness, so stop looking back. There is an unending sadness in always looking back and it stops you from moving forward and living life to its fullest potential. If the past […]

Conquering a negative mindset is your greatest weapon in defeating the dark side. We all have times in are lives when things aren’t going according to our plan and we really don’t know what to do.  When I was injured and […]

We are good at asking our angels for signs or what we should do next, but do we follow through by taking the action steps required? In other words, are we doing the journey? The angels are happy to help us, […]

Setting healthy boundaries is not just about creating healthy emotional limits, it is about learning when you leave off and others begin. Sometimes just being around others can be a challenge, especially when we are unaware of the energy of […]

Today I am getting ready for a bit of an adventure and so I invoke my Angels to ensure a safe journey and a grand adventure. I find when I do this I am more aware of my surroundings and […]

I am Ready for this. Encouraging words from my angles as I make some much needed changes in my life. The message from my angels is about how it is the discontent in something that is the catalyst for great […]