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Prayer should come from your heart. Prayer is a way of building rapport with your angelic helpers. It helps to strengthen your focus as well as your trust in the divine order of all things. When I am asked how […]

Happiness should always be your end game. This isn’t to say that everything should make you happy, it means that it is important to find a way to make yourself happy while you are doing it. As the dwarfs like […]

I love the angel messages, they have helped me through some pretty dark times. Today’s angel message was so good and filled with synchronicity that I thought I would share and expand on my experience. I am often surprised and […]

Honoring yourself is important. You are important. Each and every one of you is an important part of the whole. Learn ways of honoring yourself and you will find that the world begins to treat you in a new way. […]

Are you listening to your Ego talking or are you listening to  Soul Talk? Knowing the difference between the two can be tricky. Most often the ego is louder and therefore the one we tend to follow and then wonder […]

The Angels of Love surround and protect you always. Let these angels help you to accept love in all of its glorious forms and become more loving yourself. Love without conditions and watch how things in your life begin to […]

Invoke angelic protection anytime you feel the need for extra support. The angels are an amazing support and learning to use shields and filters during stressful times can make all the difference. You know when you are out of balance, […]

I love hearing your angel stories about how the angels have made a difference in your life in some way. Here are some wonderful shares from my readers who invoked angelic assistance and felt the tangible results manifesting. Here is […]

Have you had encounters with angels? We would love to hear your story of how the angels have made a difference in your life. I know from personal experience how these benevolent beings of love have made a difference for […]

Sending your Angels ahead of you throughout your day is a fantastic way to work with your angels and making your day unfold in a better way. When you start working with your angels in such a way, you are […]