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Gratitude opens the heart. The energy of gratitude makes room for more in your life. When you create space for more, you are then in a state of allowing. When you are in a state of allowing, miracles happen.


Gratitude is transformative. Look for ways you can live your life in gratitude. Give without expectations. A shift in your thought processes to be that is grateful and un-expecting will change your life. Get up each morning and know that you can do this. The moment you start acting like life is blessing, it starts to be one. Expect great things for yourself and in your life. Expect miracles in abundance. Take chances and make plenty of good mistakes.

Choose to be Happy now. Happiness in itself is a form of gratitude. When you experience life with a happy heart, you don’t want to experiencing it any other way. It becomes your base need and motivation and you strive to become the best you can be. This does not need to be better than anyone else, it becomes all about you in a good way that helps to change the world around you.

Before you go to bed at night, be at peace with your day. Your intentions were good and your did your best, regardless how that looks to others. Make plans that your tomorrow will be more amazing than your today.

Your Angel Guidance is to bring more gratitude into your life:

What do you have to be Grateful for and how can you bring more gratitude into your life?

  • You can bring more gratitude into your life by seeing the gift in challenging experiences.
  • Don’t take things or people in your life for granted, let them know what they mean to you.
  • Initiate random acts of kindness.
  • Receive with thanks.

Remember, life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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