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What you Resist Persists, finding your hidden Resistance helps you to see your blocks. You know you should be seeing better results. It is an important step in helping you to no longer include what you don’t want in your vibration. Everything you think about is included in your vibration and when it is something you don’t want, by trying to exclude it, you are actually attracting more of it into your life.


Resistance is futile. I love that saying as it truly is, yet we don’t always see how we block ourselves.  It is often easy to look at your life and see the areas of resistance. It is sometimes very challenging to find the hidden resistance, or that part that seems to block your creations.

Hidden resistance can be subtle, but once you get it, you can’t believe you didn’t see it sooner. These resistances usually come from old beliefs, habits of thoughts, or just not paying attention to your emotions. Lets explore some questions you can ask yourself to discover what your hidden resistance might be:

Choose something major you are working on. It should be something that hasn’t shown up in your life yet, but you feel it should be. This is often best done with a partner as they can hear or read your resistance before you. A partner is also not attached to the story.

  1. Take some paper, choose your desire and write 5 to 10 sententeces on why you want this. Begin with “I want _____________ because_______________. Skip 3 or 4 lines between each one. The statements about why you want it should come quickly. If not, choose a different desire.
  2. Now go back to the first statement and read it out loud, and then add the statement “and because I DO NOT WANT ____________.

By spending a few moments defining what you do not want, you are finding areas of resistance. These are the areas that you are trying to exclude when you make your statements about what you do want.

As you become aware of these resistances, you can get to a place of offering  a purer vibration!

Your Angel Guidance is to accept what the present moment contains and move beyond it:

You can’t always change your situation, but you can change how you choose to deal with it and how you look at it. Whatever the present moment brings your way, work with it and not against it.

Find better feeling emotions and draw from them to help you transform your thoughts. As you transform your thoughts and feelings, you can let go and move on.

This will transform all aspects of your life.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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