Angel Guidance

Your angels are surrounding you with support so that you can discover your own brilliance.  It is time to let your light shine in any area of your life that needs to be recharged, released, or rejuvenated. It will help to bring about transformation and change.

Discover your brilliance

This is a good time to wipe the slate clean so to speak and let a new beginning begin. Work with your brilliance when you want assistance in healing health conditions, release fears, and release anxiety. Recharge your energy and bring your sparkle back.

Quiet yourself and breath deeply until you feel completely relaxed. Ask your angels to help you to discover your brilliance. Ask your angels to show you how you can use this personal brilliance to shine a light into the world  and be fully in your purpose. Then, allow the angels to show you thoughts, feelings, and ideas to help you manifest this in your life now.

After your meditation, set your intention to make those changes and transformations that allow you to be your brilliant self and change the world. And then, go out into the world and share your Brilliant Light.

Your Angel Guidance is to Discover Your Brilliance:

Ask your angels to surround you in their brilliant light and help you recognize your own light and let your brilliance shine brightly to help transform your world and the world around you.

Say: “Dear Angels, I am ready to see my own brilliance and recognize the wisdom within me to help me manifest my inspirations!”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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