Angel Guidance

Balance is an important part of life. When your life is balanced between what you want and need to do and what you do for others, you live a more balanced and harmonized life and isn’t that truly what many of us strive for?


The angels like to remind us that every challenge contains a blessing and every blessing contains its challenges, it is part of life as a human. What we need to do is embrace the whole of life. When our body systems are in balance with each other, we are able to release stress more easily. When we release stress, we can attain higher levels of peace and relaxation. When you feel peaceful, clear and relaxed, it is easier to have confidence. When you feel confident, it is easier to make choices and decisions and feel happier with all aspects of your life.

Your Angel Guidance is to focus on an area of your life you feel is out of balance:

As focus on an area of your life that seems out of balance, is there something you can learn from it? What would that be? Close your eyes and imagine a gift box from your angels. As it gets closer to you, it begins to unwrap and allow the gifts to be received in your heart. Then allow the gift of love to spread throughout your body, penetrating every cell of your being. As each cell is bathed in the light, you feel yourself relaxing and your body becoming more energized. It allows you to let go of fear, stress, or worry and brings you back into balance with life once again.

“Dear Angels, Please help be to create a more balanced and harmonious life, filled with great blessings and joy!”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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