Angel Guidance

We are good at asking our angels for signs or what we should do next, but do we follow through by taking the action steps required? In other words, are we doing the journey? The angels are happy to help us, but we MUST do the actual physical action that necessary to get it done.


Our angels can’t do the journey for us. It is each of us that is having a human experience. An experience of being a human, and it is only each one of us that can do what is required on this plane.  And, just to make the game of life a bit more interesting, we through in free will. So, even though you have asked for a sign, even prayed your hardest to know what to do, you still need to choose, to do the follow through with the advice, with the vision, with the whatever your prayer asked for.

You can’t always clearly see the path ahead, but you can ask to clearly see what it before you. Then you have to look. Just like the signs, they are they, you have to do your part and look, then act upon them.

This weekend my son was visiting for Mother’s Day. Such a treat and I am always so grateful for his visits. The challenge came when suddenly there was no water. We had a house full of people, including a 3 year old and no water. My mom does really well without my dad who crossed over 8 years ago, but mechanical things really perplex her. She called a plumber who was already busy and would get to us. My mom was pretty shook up as she really wasn’t ready for this kind of expenditure. She is religious and knows the power of her prayer, so she prayed. (After a bit of yelling inside too I am sure.) We did get a bit of water and then nothing.

I kept having a vision of the water hydrant out back. I asked mom if I should go out and check to see if it had water. She said no, just leave it, everything is off, the plumber is coming. I kept getting an image of the hydrant, but I also have to respect my mothers wishes, as it is her house and she asked me not to. I also asked if I could call my friend and she said no, she had called a plumber.


A bit later while we were outside with the dogs, I looked back at the hydrant and I noticed it was in the on position but the other taps were turned off. I thought that since we had turned everything else off water wise, I should go turn it off. When I got there I also noticed the ditch by it was filled with water. This has never happened before and that ditch has been there since I was 10. So, we found ground Zero, someone left the tap on and the well was run dry.

The next day things returned to normal. Had I just followed my vision and check the hydrant, we would have found the tap a few hours sooner. I was given the answer to our prayers, I just delayed taking action.

It would be nice if the world clearly gave us signs showing us exactly where to go or what is the best route for us to take, but it doesn’t always work that way. There isn’t just one way, so we have to pay attention to the signs we ask for and then we the humans, must take the steps necessary to see it manifest.

Your Angel Guidance is to Take Action Now on the Answers to your Prayers:

Follow through on your hunches. Listen to your feelings and act upon them. Even if at first you feel they are right, you will learn the difference the more you do it. It is like anything, it needs to be exercised in order to grow. Journal about your experiences. This helps you to see the progress that you make.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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