A Moment of Change

Too many people put off making changes in their lives because they don’t think that they are really able to make those changes. Individuals with addictive behaviors may believe their own negative self talk that they don’t have the strength, resources or the ability to become sober or overcome their addictive behaviors. In reality this very thought is what is trapping the negativity and lack of progress in your recovery.

My book “The Law of Sobriety” is based on a universal concept known as the Law of Attraction.  This, in turn, is all based on changing thoughts about what we can achieve to become the people that we want to be. In order to make those desired changes we have to release and eliminate those negative thoughts and the negative energy that has fueled our lives during the addiction.

Taking control of the way we act and think today by being positive and seeing ourselves as successful, sober and productive will get rid of that negative energy that keeps telling us we can’t. This takes a concentrated effort but, once started, it is amazing how positivity just seems to find us and support that change. To get started in acting today as we want to be tomorrow there is some mental preparation required. Working with a life coach or addiction recovery specialist can help.

Think of your positive image as a simple phrase: I CAN.

I – Identify the person you want to be and see yourself as that person right now

C – Choices are important and positive decisions will move me forward

A – Acknowledge gratitude for the positives in your life

N – Negate counterproductive thoughts by seeking positive people and situations

Once you realize that you can, you will start to see yourself the way you want to be, not the way that you have been in the past. This, in turn, provides more opportunity for personal growth and increased success in your life.

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