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When my brother, John, joined the Marines about a year ago, friends and family told my mother not to worry, reassuring her that “at least it’s during peacetime.” On September 11, when terrorists attacked our country, John was stationed in Japan.

My mother, upon hearing the news, didn’t panic. Instead, she headed to the nearest recruiting office. When a recruiter came to the desk and asked if she needed help, she responded, “Yes — I need to hug a Marine!”
— Julianne Stare

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Military Heroes – U. S. Marine Corps

Oliver L. North

Oliver L. North is a combat decorated marine, a #1 best-selling author, the founder of a small business, an inventor with three U.S. patents, a syndicated columnist, and the host of War Stories on the Fox News Channel. Yet, he claims his most important accomplishment is to be “the husband of one, the father of four and the grandfather of twelve.”

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Courtesy of Oliver North.

You also might want to view some of Lt. Col. North’s videos that were made on location.  The National Rifle Association has featured him on their NRA Life of Duty TV feed.  Click here for the videos.

Courtesy of NRA Life of Duty TV.

One morning a helicopter crew from my squadron got an order to pick up a mental patient and deliver him to an aircraft carrier. The passenger boarded the copter unescorted, but when it landed on the carrier, four Marines charged in, restrained the bewildered passenger and unceremoniously delivered him to the ship’s doctor. Then the flight crew received another message: “Replace mental patient with dental patient.” The poor guy had a toothache.
— Michael Kvicala

Provided Courtesy of Reader’s Digest.  Click here for moreMilitary Jokes“.

By GEN Anthony Zinni

This is a great speech by GEN (ret) Anthony Zinni about his generation. It’s definitely worth the read.  Click here for the speech.

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