America in Uniform

By GEN Anthony Zinni This is a great speech by GEN (ret) Anthony Zinni about his generation. It’s definitely worth the read.  Click here for the speech. Courtesy of Blackfive. Loyal Subscribers!  We need some help.  The purpose of our […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Armed Forces Honor Flight of World War II Veterans Honor is a hard term to describe. It doesn’t have a color or weight or shape. If someone were to ask me what honor looked like, […]

Before shipping out to Europe with the Army Air Corps during World War II, my father loaned his buddy $20. The two were assigned to different units and lost contact. Months later, my father’s plane was shot down. Bleeding from […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Marine Corps Justin Gaertner On the day after Thanksgiving, U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Justin Gaertner, 21, was patrolling for mines in the Marja district of Afghanistan when an improvised bomb, stuffed in a glass […]

Occasionally, I venture back to one or another military post, where I’m greeted by an imposing security guard who looks carefully at my identification card, hands it back and says, “Have a good day, Sir!” Every time I go back […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Marine Corps Joe Reagan Between the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and Cuba-controlled territory is a perilous patch of earth called the Cactus Curtain. Spiked with a needle bed of Optunia cacti planted in 1961 to […]

For those of you who are historical buffs and movie buffs, this video is a classic.  The subscriber who submitted the features comments, “This film is believed to have never been seen before, and to be the only shots of […]

I didn’t think I had been gone that long. After 20 months overseas, my ship arrived in San Diego and, as soon as I got ashore, I phoned home. “Hi, Mom!” I said. “Who is this?” she answered. Hello! I’m […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Navy Clifford Wooldridge Sgt. Clifford Wooldridge received the Navy Cross Medal at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center on May 18, 2012. Click here for the video. For more on Sgt. Wooldridge… click here. […]

As he prepared to leave for the Gulf, my husband was complaining to a friend about his uniform. Military men are taught to care about their appearance, and the Air National Guard would be wearing desert camouflage but not the […]