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At a tea for officers and their wives, the commanding general of a base delivered a seemingly endless oration. A young lieutenant grumbled to the woman sitting beside him, “What a pompous and unbearable old windbag that slob is!” The […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Marine Corps Edwin Bearss Scout USMC, served 1942-1946. Bearss tells a gripping and detailed account of what it was like to get shot multiple times during the Battle of Cape Gloucester in WWII. This segment […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Navy Wilbur Wright Wilbur Wright, Bosan’s Mate USN, served 1938-1945. Sixty-five years later and with emotions still raw, Wright fights to maintain control as he recalls his personal experience on board the USS Ogala at […]

If you haven’t read in the news, there is a Marine team that is looking to be reunited.  Corporal Megan Leavey (Marine Dog handler) has desired to care for her one time partner, “Sergeant Rex”.   Quick story: On deployment […]

The time came for annual immunizations at our overseas Air Force base. To get us all vaccinated as quickly as possible, they pressed the veterinary surgeon into helping out. I got my injection from the vet. “Wow,” I said, “you […]

United States Marines from Bravo Company of the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Marines watch the explosion after calling in an airstrike during a gunbattle as part of an operation to clear the area of insurgents near Musa Qaleh, in […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Navy James Holloway James Holloway Lieutenant USN (Ret.) Admiral Holloway masterfully tells his story as a young gunnery officer on board the USS Bennion in the Battle of Surigao Strait. He recalls a very brief […]

Being a career soldier was not in the cards for one particular recruit. Every time he took his turn at the rifle range, he’d lift his rifle, aim at the target, fire — and hit some tree way off in […]

The following article is a submission from subscriber Michael Tank, a Marine and veteran of the Vietnam War.  It’s a long read but poignantly written covering his recollections of his war experience; you have the opportunity to follow a boy […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Navy Leo Jarboe USN, 1944-1946. Jarboe describes a kamikaze attempt while on board the USS San Francisco. The plane was shot down and the pilot saved. Years later that pilot came to the United States […]