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One of our long time subscribers sent in the following article with these comments, “This article appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  I was pleased to see it.  Some of our media folks are ignorant of the facts and too […]

As the soldier drove up to the Air Force base gate, my husband, who was on security detail at the time, had an inkling that the driver might have had a few. What gave him away? The guy thought he […]

Emergency Service Unit – NYPD When the public needs help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call ESU. Get a glimpse into the work of the elite NYPD Emergency Service Unit.

I was in our local VA hospital when a clerk began scolding a veteran who’d lit up a cigarette in a no-smoking area. “Sir!” she barked. “When did you start smoking?” The conversation came to a halt when he replied, […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Marine Corps What motivates a young marine to spend months on end away from loved ones? The answers isn’t really surprising, but see for yourself. For an informative video… click here.

Here’s another 9/11 commemorative feature but with football season in full swing, it’s still appropriate. For Navy it’s 9/11 first, football second By BILL WAGNER, Staff Writer <> Dale Pehrson was sitting in a defensive meeting room inside Ricketts Hall […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Army Capt. Kevin Pies An Army Chaplain shares how God uses prayer to protect the troops.  For a moving video… click here.

Upon returning from a stint in Iraq, my sister insisted that the best part about being home was having real food again: “The Lunchables I had for breakfast was great! –Garrett Lee Thorne Provided Courtesy of Reader’s Digest. Click here […]

Here’s a submission from the same subscriber who sent in the World War II map in our last newsletter.  He declares the friend who sent him the map was on the first US Navy ship that went through the Suez […]

When my very pregnant niece, a sergeant in the New York Army National Guard, accidentally knocked over a glass of water, one of her soldiers volunteered to help clean it up. As he was mopping up the mess, an officer […]