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WHEN THE NAVY was developing helicopters in the 1950s to track submarines, our Florida-based test squadron had to be innovative. Because the copters lacked sufficient lifting power with test equipment on board, weight was reduced by removing the metal skin […]

Military Heroes – U. S. Army Air Corps Tuskegee Airmen They battled the Nazis in Europe and racism at home. Pioneering WWII black pilots honored for heroism by US Congress. Click here for the video!    

Where is America? Has anyone seen her? I know she is here because I saw her about 9 years ago [9/11/01] when she was knocked down. We all helped pick her up, dusted her off and showed her that we […]

SOON AFTER I arrived for duty as chief of public affairs for a Strategic Air Command wing, the unit had a surprise operational-readiness inspection. We had no time to alert the surrounding community that we’d be launching our fleet of […]

Heros – San Francisco Fire Department Go Into the Fire and learn what it feels like to be surrounded by chaos. At the end of this video there is an amazing high rise building rescue. A firefighter gets lowered down […]

Today’s feature was submitted by a subscriber who commented, “I loved this video.  It made me happy/sad … thinking of all those beautiful young people and families that made so many sacrifices for our freedom…. especially thinking of the situation […]

HURRYING TO MY PLEBE CHEMISTRY CLASS at West Point, I noticed a tactical officer in my regiment coming the other way, white gym bag over his shoulder.  He was an Air Force captain, and his blue uniform stood out amid […]

Military Heroes, New York Police Department NYPD K9 Unit The K9 Unit – On patrol and on the trail with New York’s four-legged finest and their partners.  

FiFi back in the air! For all of you ex Boeing employees and lovers of vintage aircraft.  FiFi Back in the Air . . . To our friends who may not understand the passion we feel for planes and particularly […]

Afghan Dog Fights Like a Marine July 12, 2011 Marine Corps News|by Cpl. Jeff Drew FORWARD OPERATING BASE PAYNE, Helmand province, Afghanistan — He defends Marines and sailors with love and tenacity, protecting them as any Marine would protect a […]