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Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves by Amy Ahlers

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Big Fat Lies Women Tell ThemselvesBy Amy Ahlers



In this insightful book, Amy Ahlers basically lays out all of the destructive lies that women tell themselves (or are indirectly told or influenced by in our society).  The lies are numerous and diverse.  Lies about relationships (You’re not complete without a man), money (You’ll be happy when you have more) or our bodies (You’re not healthy unless you’re slim) all seem to affect women at some point in their lives.  Since the book covers every category of lies imaginable, it’s hard not to find at least a handful of lies that you’re still telling yourself.

In fact, I was initially taken aback when I read the book.  After decades of self-reflection and inner work, I thought I was lie-free.  But there were many lies that still rang true—and that I had to sit down and reflect during my reading.


Ahlers also offers clear, simple and practical advice for each lie that women tell ourselves.  I liked the advice but I found the advice uneven—some chapters included very helpful stories from the authors life and others were a few paragraphs of useful (but seemingly generic) wisdom.

One of my favorite parts of the book were the quotes scattered throughout the book which are mainly penned by women.  I have never seen such a handsome collection of women’s wisdom (for women, by women) and I often found myself noting the author of the quote’s name and hoping to learn more about her.

Overall, I really liked this book.  The prose is clear, her suggestions are direct and Ahlers clearly has first-hand experience with many of these lies—her writing voice rings with authority and wisdom.
To get the most out of this book, then use each chapter as an invitation to reflect more deeply on the lies you may be telling yourself, why it still works and how to create and reinforce a different truth.

I recommend this book to women of all ages.

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