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The Code: Unlocking the Ancient Power of Your Birthday
Review: Johanna Paungger/Thomas Poppe
Like most books based on a typology or numerology, The Code describes a wonderful system for classifying personality types based on a system developed in Europe. Unlike the Myers-Briggs typology, this system encompasses more than personality—it is about deciphering the spiritual, emotional and practical choices that a person (of a certain type) usually makes.  In this way, it is more than a workplace tool—it can help readers gain insight into their family and friends, spouses and children.

The only challenge with The Code is that it works best when it is broadly employed—and not so well when you’re the only person in the neighborhood using it.  In America, the Enneagram system is much more deeply entrenched—and it’s hard to get a person, or a community, to switch to a different mode of understanding and characterizing each other.

While I enjoyed reading The Code, I felt that I would only start using it if enough people around me used it. In Europe, this book is a bestseller and the birthday coding system in the book is much more widely used than in North America. Until The Code reaches a “tipping point” in America, the book will be more of a novelty read than an essential tome on your bookshelf.

Recommended For: Recommended for teachers, social workers, corporate managers and anyone else interested in typological systems that help one gain insight into others.
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