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Does anyone else get the Anthropologie emails!? Can we just talk about TORTURE?? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Anthro. In fact it’s probably my favorite store. But it’s certainly one of those special occasion, splurge unless it’s “really on […]

What is inspiring today? Well, for me it’s not the pile of work on my desk, although, the deadline for it is fast approaching. Instead it’s the new opportunity to do something creative and fun, it’s staring me in the […]

Ever notice how easy it is to call on Jesus when life gets tough? This morning I had a good laugh at myself for this very reason. I’m about half way through this pregnancy and had my first encounter with […]

So I know last week we talked about change, but this week I have some even BIGGER change to fill you all in on…. but first watch this! Yep! That’s right! We’re having a baby!! 🙂 We couldn’t be more […]

I’m having a moment, and a bittersweet one at that. This month marks the end of one of the very best yet most horrible year of my life, and this very  week marks the end of one of the most spectacular […]

 Those words are like sandpaper to my nerves! There is nothing that frustrates me more than having to rely on a computer with a phony accent to get me somewhere, and then not understanding where that contraption is trying to […]

What’s my Motivation??  What motivates you? What inspires you to succeed? Why do you do the things you do? Motive. What a strange and powerful little word. A motive is the reason why you preform and action you do, at […]

Name: Amanda Grantham Sekulow Age: 25 ¾ years old. Height: 6’0” Weight: None of your business. Title: Founder. Creative Cupcake. Director of Special Projects. Professional Student. Mrs. Tennessee United States 2011. Puppy Mama. Job Description: To formulate and facilitate ideas […]

Hello World! It’s wonderful to meet you. I’m Amanda Sekulow, and I’m here to guide you through the life of a G.L.A.M. girl. You might be wondering what I mean by that. Let me assure you, it doesn’t have […]