A GLAM Girl's Guide To Life

What’s my Motivation??

 What motivates you? What inspires you to succeed? Why do you do the things you do?

Motive. What a strange and powerful little word. A motive is the reason why you preform and action you do, at any time. It answers why you slept an extra five minutes, why you chose turkey for lunch, and why you out of the blue. It’s easy to choose to do something when you know you or someone/thing you care about have something to gain.

Like how it’s easy to run a 5k when a charity you support will get money and recognition. But it’s not so easy to run that far when there is no medal or trophy waiting on you. It’s much easier to get up early every weekday when you know you get to sleep in as late as you want on Saturday. But it’s hard when you know you have to get up early everyday, even on weekends, with no break in sight. Sometimes we have to keep doing what we know we are called to do, even though we my not see a reward or a pay-off now, maybe even ever. BUT don’t let that discourage you just yet!

Remember, in Proverbs 31:10-31 we are given a picture of a woman. She’s strong, selfless, frugal, intelligent, nurturing, and dignified. We see that she takes care of her husband and family, as well as her workers and the poor and needy. She is tireless and clearly motivated, but by what? We don’t find out until verse 31, when we read these words: “A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” She fears the Lord. She understands His power. She understands His strength. She understands that if He’s in control, she is not. She uses her God given talents and gifts, and does everything she can to the best of her ability so that at the end of the day God can have the glory. Her motivation is nothing but God. And one day when all of her work is finished, she will receive her reward when He welcomes her into to eternity by saying, “ Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Yes, we can all admit the trophies and the recognition in life are nice. Heck, I wear my Mrs. TN crown just to vacuum my house sometimes! But that rhinestone and metal crown can’t even compare to what’s in store for me in Heaven! By using our unique gifts and talents and giving credit and honor to Him for blessing us with them, we are switching our motivation. We are allowing Him to be the prize, and that is EXACTLY what He wants from us. He wants to be the medal you show off to your friends. He wants to be the sparkly hat I wear when I’m on stage and when I vacuum my living room. He wants to be your reason for living, because you were His!

So this week as you go about your normal life at school, work, and home, take time to think about your motivation or each action you make? Be conscious of your reasons for doing everything, and if God isn’t your one motivation, change it! Think about how God can be glorified or magnified by even the smallest things you do. Even though it may not change what you have to do, it will certainly change how you look at having to do it! ☺

Name: Amanda Grantham Sekulow

Age: 25 ¾ years old.

Height: 6’0”

Weight: None of your business.

Title: Founder. Creative Cupcake. Director of Special Projects. Professional Student. Mrs. Tennessee United States 2011. Puppy Mama.

Job Description: To formulate and facilitate ideas to nurture the vision of G.L.A.M. To be a leader, encourager, and role model: not only to the young women we hope to inspire, but also to the G.L.A.M. team, my family, fellow students, and the rest of the world everyday.

Most referenced scripture: 1 Timothy 4:12 “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. Be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity.” NLT

Relationship Status: Happily married to Logan Sekulow.

Hobby: Glitter.

Favorite Color: Tiffany blue and a variety of pinks.

Spirit Animal: Bunny.      

Music playing right now: The “UP” soundtrack.

Motto: There are no mistakes, just experiences.

Passions: Mentoring, family, art, random acts of kindness, animals, and food.

Favorite Travel Destination: Walt Disney World Resort.

Hidden Talent: Glue.

A Haiku about you: I’m tall not lanky.

Lack of food makes me cranky.

I think Logan’s Swanky.

What makes you G.L.A.M.?

* My faith – I whole heartily believe that God has given me the ability to see my BIG dreams come true through His will. G.L.A.M. Ministries is the product of those dreams. I get to spend my days creating ways to tell women of all ages about mentoring, and how life changing it can be. He built this vision, and I am honored to be a part of its realization.

* My life experiences – Life is full of ups and downs, good days and bad. I have had more than my fair share of both. I am so grateful to my mentor, Audrey, for being there with me through it all. I was 14 years old when we met. She was my Sunday school teacher and disciple group leader. At that point in my life, things were really difficult – Audrey was and is still there with an encouraging word, a prayer, and a listening ear. I know she has been a guiding light on God’s path in my life. Because of people like Audrey, who use their gifts to touch people’s lives, G.L.A.M. exists. I firmly believe a mentor can make all the difference in a young woman’s life. The benefits of having someone to support, guide, encourage, mold, and challenge you, mentally, spiritually, and physically are immeasurable.

* My glittering abilities.

Hello World!

It’s wonderful to meet you. I’m Amanda Sekulow, and I’m here to guide you through the life of a G.L.A.M. girl. You might be wondering what I mean by that. Let me assure you, it doesn’t have to do with glitter and rhinestones… (Although my love for all things sparkly is true!) Being G.L.A.M. means being a GODLY woman, an able LEADER, someone who is ADVANCING her future, and MENTORING someone else along the way. Based on those four ideas, ANY woman can be G.L.A.M, including Y.O.U!
But, before we get started I should probably give you a little bit of information about me. Like I said before, I’m Amanda. I’m 25 years old. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Logan, for 4 years and we live in Nashville, TN. In 2005 I founded G.L.A.M. Ministries, an organization for girls 11-18 that teaches the four main ideas of G.L.A.M. (that I just shared with you) and helps facilitate healthy, spiritually based, mentor/mentee relationships. I’m the reigning Mrs. Tennessee United States 2011 (that’s where those rhinestones come in!), and I have a great time using the title to promote G.L.A.M. to women of all ages not only here in Tennessee, but all over the country.
Mentoring is my passion. My personal experience with mentoring is just example I will tell you about, of how one person can change someone’s life just by being there for them. I met Audrey, my mentor, at church when I was 14 years old. At the time my life, especially at home, was chaotic. Audrey understood that and would invite me over to her house. She would go about her normal routine and just let me tag along as she cooked, cleaned, and took care of her kids. It wasn’t until years later that I realized what she had really been doing for me. By allowing me to be in her home not only had she been teaching me recipes, cleaning tricks, and how to change diapers, she taught me the attributes of a REAL proverbs 31 lady, and she showed me what a calm and nurturing environment a home could really be. This realization changed me. It gave me hope, and revealed my calling. My experience is proof that every woman needs someone who can pour into her life and be an example to her. It’s not just for those of us who had some rough patches in life like me, it’s for EVERYONE. We all need a prayer partner, a confidant, and a true friend. I personally believe the earlier the better. That’s why G.L.A.M. exists, and that’s why I try to live everyday as an example to the women around me.
Trust me. I’m not perfect, in fact, far from it! But that’s okay, because God is perfect! I’m so thankful that He allows me, and all of my flaws, to be a part of something so beautiful…or should I say GLAMorous! ☺ I am SO excited to have you along with me on this journey, and even more excited to guide you through the process of becoming G.L.A.M. for yourself!

All the Best,