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August 2012 Archives

One of my New Year Resolutions was to communicate my thankfulness to people more often. I feel like the people in my life do a lot for me on a regular basis, and it can be really easy to overlook their generosity […]

It’s two weeks later, and I would say I’ve made real progress, mostly in my closet. Now let me preface by saying that nothing worth having comes easy, this includes a new outlook on your seemingly dwindling wardrobe. BUT, I am happy […]

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m one of those people who dreams BIG. When I have a plan for the future it’s usually a BIG plan, and when I start working towards the idea of something I’m usually working toward […]

Speaking as someone who has dealt with their fair share of heartache through the years, I have to wonder, when does a heart become unbroken? There does come a time when wounds don’t sting as much, and the aching feeling […]