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A GLAM Girl's Guide To Life

The Road to Contentment: E-mail Envy

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Does anyone else get the Anthropologie emails!? Can we just talk about TORTURE?? Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Anthro. In fact it’s probably my favorite store. But it’s certainly one of those special occasion, splurge unless it’s “really on sale” kind of stops. And since I’ve been pregnant for the past 5 months now, I have had to accept the reality that I won’t be scoring any new frilly duds from my beloved shop for a while. Which brings me back to TORTURE. Everyday I’m getting at least one email in my inbox showing me all of the glorious things I do not have, and (even if I did) I cannot wear. Today was the icing on the cake. After opening said email, I proceeded to take in all of the goodies in the new arrivals section of the website. BAD IDEA, AMANDA! It was there I met this glorious piece.


Fast-forward an hour plus two serious temper tantrums later… I have decided to cut myself off. Not just from Anthropologie emails, but also from wasting my time lusting and coveting after things I can’t and shouldn’t have. What it comes down to is I want what I can’t have. The grass is always greener, right?

This issue comes up in all areas of my life, not just my closet. It seems like the more I see, the more I want. I don’t need anything. I am beyond blessed when it comes to a beautiful home, and fantastic car, pretty clothes, cuddly pets, a handsome husband… you name it, I have all I need. But then I see what someone else has or sells and suddenly mine isn’t good enough anymore.

Well, today I’m putting my foot down. I don’t want to play this game any longer. I’m unsubscribing, not just from the email list, but from the idea that what I have isn’t enough. I want to learn to love and appreciate what I have.


So how do I do that? I wish I knew. Other than putting my “pretty things” blinders on, I’m winging this one. But I’m going to try. God has blessed me SO abundantly, and I am so thankful. I think it’s time I started showing it. So here’s to the start of a new series… mostly for accountability (and entertainment) sake. Stay tuned. I think the next few weeks are going to get interesting!

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