Serenity in an Age of Anxiety
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Don’t believe everything you think-Part 2 of 3 Luke was tired of his wife, Leah* pressuring him about changing his job.  He would look for another eventually, but now was not the time. Leah insisted Luke had broken a commitment […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think   (Part 1 of 3) In 1944, as World War II raged and millions of people did not have enough to eat, researchers at the University of Minnesota began a study on the impact of starvation.  […]

Part 2 The number of people with anxiety has exploded over the last decade or so. What was a once a challenge for some has elevated to a disability for many. Through my practice, I noticed better diet, more sleep, […]

    I am a clinical nutritionist that specializes in complex cases. The average patient who contacts me has consulted 4 or 5 medical practitioners and specialists already. This usually means the patient is stuck or has heard about and wants […]

In response to requests for more resources and in-depth supportive material, here is:   The Serenity in an Age of Anxiety Reading List.   Serenity and Forgiveness A Course in Miracles Made Easy by Alan Cohen (Hay House 2015) A […]

  Breaking the Blame Cycle Part 3 Everyone needs love and attention but it turns out you cannot force it out of other people. Blame is the misguided attempt to get out of others what you cannot find in yourself.  […]

Breaking the Blame Cycle-Part 2               When the blame cycle starts with rotten behavior such as cheating, lying, stealing or cruelty, it is easy for the victim to claim the moral high ground. The occupant of the moral high […]

      When you are anxious, fearful and angry the mind tries to solve the problem  There are clues to uncover, culprits to identify and worthiness to earn. If there is no action to take, there is always rumination. What should […]

      Micah* wanted to get through college but was so anxious most days he could not leave his apartment to attend class. Medications left him fuzzy headed and tired. His parents called him daily but no amount of prodding, […]

    Anxiety and its close relative, fear are your built-in home security system.  Don’t eat that food of dubious providence; it could be poison! Watch out for people who are overly friendly, not friendly enough or remind you of Uncle […]