Activist Faith

milimages.jpgA Huffington Post article noted how faith communities are stepping in to help military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. It serves as a great reminder of the need to “be there” for those who have been there for us by serving in the military.

Regardless of our views on military policy, the individuals who serve and have served deserve our utmost respect. When a military veteran suddenly returns and switches from daily life and death scenarios to an office cubicle, a new set of challenges arise, often ones that turn toward both spiritual and practical needs that even a dose of encouragement can help.

My big “Activist Faith” challenge for the weekend is not to change the world or even your community. My challenge is to take a moment the next time you find a military veteran and show some respect. Thank them for their service, give them a moment of your time, and encourage all you can. It’s the least we can do.

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