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According to FOX News, at least 81 people have been confirmed dead following Sunday’s 6.9 magnitude earthquake in India, Nepal, and China. While such a tragedy can easily find itself lost among the headlines of tragedies, politics, and other daily events, this headline caught both my eyes and my heart.

When we lose one person we love, the toll can last a lifetime. If a person loses his or her family, we call it devastating. What do we call it when an entire community loses multiple loved ones and families? There are no words that can adequately express the pain those connected to this earthquake must be feeling.

Yet before we dismiss this earthquake as something far off, remember that in any large urban area, you may work with someone who knew someone there. If you call an international business, you may bemoan technical service with a heavy accent, but you may also be speaking with someone whose friends suffered from a recent earthquake. Many of my Indian friends and fans on social media have spoken much of this Sunday and the quake’s aftermath, showing we’re often only a click away from pain on the other side of the world.

That said, we do want to support those effected in any way we can. We also wish to pray for those impacted by this earthquake. Here is my prayer. Feel free to join, share, or pray your own.

An Earthquake Prayer

Heavenly Father, we acknowledge your greatness even in this time of tragedy. We do not understand many of life’s events, yet we know you are there, that you love us, and you desire to help your children. Today, I pray for those who have lost family members and friends in Sunday’s earthquake in India, Nepal, and China. 81 lives ended. Many more were impacted. You alone know the needs, physical and spiritual, of every person. I pray you bring the necessary supplies to assist with physical needs. I also ask that you would intervene to meet the spiritual needs of those hurting today. In this time of horrific loss, let others see that love did not die; let them experience you and the hope you have for their lives. Let us do our part to pray, to give, and to help in the ways we can. Let us also be mindful that life is so fragile; we depend completely on you. You are my rock and my strength. To you I offer this prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


DILLON BURROUGHS is an author, activist, and co-founder of Activist Faith. Dillon served in Haiti following the epic 2010 earthquake and has investigated modern slavery in the US and internationally. His books include Undefending ChristianityNot in My Town (with Charles J. Powell), and Thirst No More (October). Discover more at

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