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In my book Undefending Christianity I share a chapter from my friend Brant Hansen called “If Jesus Had a Blog.” The book version is modified, but I wanted to share his insights here. I believe you’ll find them both funny and insightful regarding how we often view Jesus from our own cultural context.

Plus, Brant is wrapping up his time at WayFM, one of my favorite radio networks. I wish him blessing as he heads west to California, and hope in some small way this little tribute encourages someone along the way:

Excerpt below:

We FINALLY got an internet cafe in Galilee.  The ESSENES have DSL, and we’re just getting dial-up.  That should tell you something!

Anyway, I was hanging out with some religious leaders.  They got on my case for not keeping their Favorite Rules (apparently, you HAVE to wash up before dinner, in accordance with scripture.)  I told them religious leaders love to have rules to make everyone else feel inadequate.  Oh yeah, they “tithe”, and stuff, but my Father is all about people having hearts for mercy, and justice, not hearts for a tithing rule.

Didn’t fly very well.  :0

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Full text here.


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