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You think “The Amazing Race” is tough? Try World Race. With its promise of 11 countries in 11 months as missionaries, the World Race is offering a unique twist to the timeless message of taking the good news of Jesus around the world. The description is challenging, too:

Have you ever wondered if there’s something more out there? If there’s more to life than empty traditions, routines, and working 9-5 everyday to achieve the impossibility of the American dream?

It’s because there is.

There is a generation of radicals whose heartbeat is to see a changed world. It’s a generation that’s dissatisfied with the status quo and is actively rising to the challenge of seeing the world transformed through tangible expressions of God’s love. World Racers are seeing lives changed in nations all over the world.

As one participant shared, “While on the World Race, God put a love inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. I loved on the rich, poor, elderly, sick, orphans, prostitutes, homeless, university students, host families and my own community. What impacted me the most was living in community and fellowship with people of different nations, culture, and skin color, and coming together while worshiping and praising the same God. It is then that you experience the power of God uniting the nations together in His name and for His glory. I have never experienced something so beautiful.”

If you’re looking for a challenge, this might be for you. But even if it’s not, be inspired by their stories and go change your world.


DILLON BURROUGHS is an author, activist, and co-founder of Activist Faith. Dillon served in Haiti following the epic 2010 earthquake and has investigated modern slavery in the US and internationally. His books include Undefending ChristianityNot in My Town (with Charles J. Powell), and Thirst No More (October). Discover more at

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