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In recent years, an organic movement has begun in pockets of the evangelical community to live out James 1:27. All over America, people and churches are discovering opportunities to care for the fatherless in very creative and practical ways. God is awakening a spirit in the contemporary evangelical church to live out the Gospel through the care of orphans.

Orphanology is a practical response to God’s command to care for the fatherless told through the stories of families and ministries who are responding. Orphanology extends the call to minister to the nearly 150 million orphans in the world with real-world ideas and illustrations for engaging in orphan ministry. Containing concrete ideas for how Christians, their churches, and groups of churches can respond tangibly to God’s call to care for the fatherless, Orphanology demonstrates how adoption, foster care, and other forms of orphan ministry are accessible to every believer and every church and introduces innovative approaches to orphan ministry including orphan hosting.

You will be empowered and find direction for approaching the task of ministering to the fatherless at home and around the world.


From the Orphanology Book website.


DILLON BURROUGHS is an author, activist, and co-founder of Activist Faith. Dillon served in Haiti following the epic 2010 earthquake and has investigated modern slavery in the US and internationally. His books include Undefending Christianity, Not in My Town (with Charles J. Powell), and Thirst No More (October). Discover more at

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