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I recently posted on efforts to write letters and petition for Said Musa to be freed. According to ICC, this effort has resulted in his freedom from an Afghan prison. Read below and see the full article here.

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In a letter dated February 13, Said Musa described a visit by
representatives of the U.S. and Italian Embassies offering him asylum.
According to the letter, after the foreign representatives left the
room, Musa was visited by three Afghan officials who told him that he
would be released within twenty-four hours if he wrote a statement
declaring that he regretted his conversion to Christianity. “I laughed and replied, ‘I can’t deny my Savior’s name,‘” Musa wrote. “Because
my life is just service to Jesus Christ and my death is going to heaven
[where] Jesus Christ is. I am a hundred percent ready to die. They
pushed me much and much. I refused their demands
.” Musa was then transferred back to his prison cell.

Still, ICC sources in Afghanistan remained hopeful that the release
would occur soon. The call came on February 21 from an official from the
U.S. Embassy in Kabul confirming that Said Musa was released and safely
out of the country.

I’m so thankful to the Lord that he is free and know it was a concerted effort on the part of so many people,” said an ICC representative in Kabul. “The
Lord has allowed us to take part in this momentous event and I praise
Him that it has ended with the freedom of Said Musa. Through Said’s
letters, he spoke publicly to the world a powerful testimony of his
faith and perseverance

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