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If you’ve heard about the pending legislation in Arizona to remove citizenship status for children of immigrants, you know how high the stakes are on this issue.

Already, other states, including Georgia, are working on similar legislation. Since Christians are called to stand for those in need, it would only make sense one of the first groups to respond would be a Christian group. I stand with the Lutheran refugee group and ask those of you with the ability to influence this situation (especially those in Georgia) to speak out on this one.

Below is a brief excerpt with link to the full article. Please read and share.




A newly proposed Georgia state legislation
has a church group fearful that it will be similar to or even go beyond Arizona‘s current immigration law
by affecting babies born to undocumented mothers.


Georgia state lawmakers on Wednesday filed immigration
legislation similar to that of Arizona to be considered for ratification. The
bill also proposes to bar babies born to undocumented mothers from becoming
American citizens.


An open letter from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee
Service expressed concern about Georgia and 20 other state legislatures that
are proposing bills that would offer punitive treatment to undocumented
immigrants and their young children

Full story here.


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