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I’m at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville for the next couple of days, and wanted to mention a great project they have going on to support recovery efforts in Haiti. I thought this was a creative way to help meet a critical need that connects with the role of this organization. Read, be inspired, and pass along. Live the Activist Faith today!



Haiti: Sound and Light

By Dr. Ron Harris, Sr. Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Each year at the NRB Convention Worship Service,
attendees have taken the opportunity to support Christian broadcasting
in some of the most challenging places for the Gospel. Past years have
focused on China, Albania, Yemen, Papua New Guinea, and the Balkans.
Generous NRB members have given a total of over $70,000 to strengthen
God’s work through Christian broadcasting.

This year’s project is
“Haiti: Sound and Light.” With the devastating earthquake a little over
a year ago, much-needed humanitarian aid has poured into the country,
including work by many NRB member organizations. The need for this aid
continues, to be sure. Even if there had been no earthquake, Haiti is a
country in need.

The need for the Gospel is just as great, if not
greater, than the humanitarian need in Haiti. With a history of voodoo
and and other occult practices, sound doctrine is essential to counter
the work of Satan. Galcom, Inc., a long-time NRB member, is involved
with two projects in the small country of Haiti. One is in
earthquake-torn Port-au-Prince; the other is in Cape Haitian, in the
Northern part of the island.

Radio Lumiere has struggled to stay
on the air since the damage of the earthquake. Electrical power is
unreliable at times, forcing the station to run a diesel-fueled
generator. Galcom can place large solar panels at the station to provide
electricity for broadcasting during those times of power outage,
transforming the light of day into the Light of the Gospel.

4VEH is on a five-year mission to distribute 160,000 solar powered
radios to pick up the signal of their broadcast ministry that reaches
much of the country. A portion of the NRB Convention worship offering
will go to help purchase these radios at cost for distribution to the
Haitians in that part of the country, taking sound teaching into the
hearts of the people who need to hear.

Sound…and Light. You can help provide both in Haiti.

For more information, contact Dr. Ron Harris at 817-446-1094 or

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