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greenimages.jpgA great quote and powerful interview with environmental activist Ben Lowe from my friends at Read and be inspired!

What needs to change in order to create a new environmental reality?

First, the thinking that “the earth is ours and revolves around us”
must shift to an authentic appreciation that “the earth is God’s and
revolves around Him.” Lifestyles, which are insulated from the natural
consequences that they have on creation and our neighbors, must be
transformed in order to live more compassionately toward all that God
has made. Cultures which value being over-busy and over-productive must
learn to make room for community and Sabbath rest. A mistrust of
science, based on a belief that it’s a secular discipline that tries to
disprove God, must be relinquished. Rather, science must be viewed as a
spiritual discipline that helps us uncover more about how God created
and sustains life to flourish and bring Him glory. Finally, we must let
go of the false dichotomy that caring for the environment comes at the
expense of caring for people. Christians are meant to embrace a much
more holistic paradigm, specifically that caring for people and the
planet are integrally connected.

Read the entire interview here.


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