Activist Faith

Thumbnail image for Oil_platform_in_the_North_Sea.jpgIt may not seem like big news to many, but President Obama signed a bill this week to ban eastern Gulf drilling for the next seven years.

If even one future oil spill is avoided as a result, this change is worth it. Our planet and its inhabitants (That’s us!) cannot continue to endure millions of gallons of fossil fuels polluting our waters.

But what’s the faith connection? God created the earth which at the very least suggests we take care of it. Keeping poorly-regulated drilling operations from taking place in ocean waters is a major step to reducing destructive human impact.

Of course, reducing our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels would help too, but this is at least one step in the right direction.

To find other ways our environment connects with the soul, check out the book “Serve God, Save the Planet” or go all out and buy a Green Bible (Yes, this is for real!). The perfect gift for your environmental friends.

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