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deminimages.jpgSouth Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has decided to connect nuclear reduction with his faith. While Christian supporters would think this is a reason to rejoice, you might want to hold the applause. Senator DeMint is arguing to push for a vote to reduce nuclear weapons so closely to Christmas is “sacrilegious.”

We can understand Senator DeMint’s concern with working near the holidays. Many of us would love to have some time off to celebrate with those we love. But I would fly to Washington on Christmas morning if it would result in a major nuclear missile reduction. When Christ came to bring peace on earth, I’m sure weapons of mass destruction were not something He was ready to promote.

If you feel so led, you can do what I just did and email Senator DeMint to tell him you support his faith AND want him to fight to reduce nuclear weapons before celebrating Christ’s birth. You don’t have to be mean about it. Just let him know you care about the holidays, too, and are glad to see our nation’s leaders pushing for a world where the peace Christians celebrates is embraced in a piece of public policy we (and he) can support.

Fewer nukes are not sacrilegious; fewer nukes is good news for everyone. Sounds like a great Christmas gift to me.


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