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Last January, I had the opportunity to serve in Haiti 17 days after the January 12th earthquake that killed an estimated 200,000+ people. The team I assisted helped in shipping food and water aid, moving patients at our make-shift hospital inside an elementary school building, and invested time with children in the local orphanage.

The location where I stayed was Mission of Hope Haiti, a Christian organization led by a team of American and Canadian missionaries. Before the quake over 1,200 kids had attended school there.

On the last night before I left, I shared a conversation with one of the key workers who was committed to rebuilding Haiti for the long haul. In speaking about ideas for the school, I shared an idea from my time in Mexico where crowded schools held morning school for one group of students and an afternoon school for another group of students to reach twice as many kids in the same building with the same teachers.

Six months later I received a letter from the organization regarding their needs for the Fall. One highlight shared, “Pray for our school as we add an afternoon school program that will allow us to double the number of children we serve this year.”

I wept.

It’s easy to think it’s the big events that change the world, but sometimes it’s that one conversation that changes the lives of thousands of people. Sometimes it’s the little things…

Do something little today and change the world.

Learn more about Mission of Hope Haiti and how you can help.

Watch their video and see for yourself!

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