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asia_bibi.jpgI recently shared the story of Asia Bibi, a 45-year old Pakistani woman and mother condemned to death for her Christian beliefs. An international outcry resulted, calling for Asia’s release, including a plea from the pope.

The good news: Monday’s Guardian announced Asia Bibi’s newly-declared innocence! This is a tremendous change of direction based on people like you speaking out. This is exactly the type of change “Activist Faith” is designed to create.

Thank you to those who participated by texting, tweeting, posting on Facebook, sharing with friends at work and church, and praying. God changes things and He uses people like you to do it.

Of course, Asia Bibi’s release doesn’t stop the difficulties in her life from this situation, so please keep her in your prayers.

Second, her freedom is only one of countless people persecuted for their religious beliefs. I’ve started speaking out on this recently and will continue to highlight this issue. In fact, yesterday’s Washington Post reported the murder of two Iraqi Christians shortly following the deaths of 68 others in Baghdad.

Asia Bibi declared innocent is a reason to rejoice today. Others like her facing persecution is a reason to pray and act on behalf of persecuted Christians today.

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