What do you believe?
6/3/2006 3:59:50 PM
My favorite stoy is when scientist/astto-physicist Crl Sagan was asked by a woman in his audience: "How long will it be until the end of the world?" He replied, "Five billion years--that's when the sun will go nova and obliterate all the planets up to Jupiter." She responded, "Did you say five million or five billion?" He answered, "Five billion, with a 'B.' She answered "Oh, Whew!"
6/3/2006 1:14:51 PM
My telephone prefix is 666. Every now and then, I'll meet another super-sucker who freaks out when I give out my telephone number.

Frankly, I'm more worried about the NSA than the antichrist, unless the antichrist is a Republican who works for the NSA.
6/3/2006 10:57:55 AM
I am glad that they mentioned Hal Lindsey, because I was in middle school when The Late Great Planet Earth came out, and everyone freaked. When the 80s came around, and then the 90s, and now the 00s, what it taught me is that there actually will be NO "end time."

No "rapture," no trumpets and whirlwind, no nothing. Everything will go on and on until the sun implodes.
6/3/2006 3:27:50 AM
I hope the world doen't end before the hockey playoffs. Does the world end if nobody is there to notice it?
6/2/2006 11:44:38 PM
The Omen and an Ann Coulter book, out on the same day. Now, there's a sign.
6/2/2006 6:25:49 PM
As usual, Heretic, you are right on the money.

On a serious note...I was one of those children...I remember crying myself to sleep every night for weeks because the Sunday school class I attended was going on about how all the signs are here..."He's" coming back...and all I could think, and it may be selfish, but to a child it means a lot, I wanted to grow up and live my life. If "He" came back while I was young (and they had me convinced) then it was over. Thank the real "God" that I woke up.

Thanks for your input as usual...have a great weekend!

6/2/2006 4:36:48 PM
Yeah, we can laugh at nonsense. But the serious side of it is that there are MILLIONS of people in America who are raising their children to believe this stuff. I sometimes feel like crying when I think of generation after generation bullheadedly going down the path of superstitious nonsense, refusing to use the rationality that is our greatest gift. The irony is that IF there were such a being as the Devil, he could do no more to corrupt humanity than to convince true believers to bury their own intelligence under a thick blanket of religious hysteria.
6/2/2006 4:30:54 PM
Has it ever occurred to anyone that the date 06/06/06 occurs every century, and, as far as I can tell, the Earth is still a-spinnin'?
6/2/2006 3:47:14 PM
Well, tovart, if you ask me....

6/2/2006 3:30:46 PM
Does this mean that Antie-Coulter is the Annie-Christ?
6/2/2006 3:12:41 PM
What happened on the 6th day of the 6th month in 6BC? What happened on the 6th day of the 6th month in 6AD and 6/6/1006? The same thing that will happen on 6/6/2006, NOTHING! Life will go on.
6/2/2006 2:51:10 PM
Found this on the internet: If A=36, B=37, C=38, etc., then the letters in the word SUPERSTITOUS = 666
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